Miniclub Melia Santa Maria
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At Meliá Cuba, the children have a great time!

Meliá Cuba and its family hotels present you with a world of fantasy and magic for you to enjoy the experience of a fun holiday at hotels and resorts where both adults and children can find their favourite activity to enjoy day or night, in a friendly, safe, comfortable and family-oriented environment. Now that the summer has arrived you can enjoy a holiday with the whole family by the sea or right in the heart of a historic city. We can offer you a selection of beach resorts on an all-inclusive basis and city hotels, all located in the top destinations in Cuba and with a specially designed programme. The little ones will have a wonderful time… and so will the grown-ups.

Gente de Zona en el Habana Café. Meliá Cohiba 7
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Exclusive performance by Gente de Zona at the Habana Café

Among planes, vintage cars, classic Chevrolets, musical instruments, trophies and photographs of Cuba in the 40s and 50s, last Saturday saw the amazing performance of Gente D’Zona, one of the most famous Cuban reggaeton bands, with numerous fans at home and abroad and record downloads of their music from the Internet. The Habana Café, at the Meliá Cohiba, has become one of the most stylish music venues in Havana, with regular performances from star soloists and groups from the Cuban music scene, such as Pablo Milanés, Buena Fe, Ivette Cepeda and Buena Vista Social Club, in a smart and exclusive setting. On this occasion, it was the ideal place to host Alexander and Randy, members of Gente D’Zona, after their successful concerts in Europe and Miami and the recording of the video for the track Bailando, written by Descemer Bueno, which they made with Enrique Iglesias.

Renovación de votos. Blog Meliá Cuba
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Just as much in love as on the very first day? Meliá Cuba invites you to renew your vows

Marriage vows are the oath taken by a couple when they marry to swear their eternal love, commitment and fidelity but these vows can also be reaffirmed or renewed on an anniversary if the couple still love each other as much as they did on their wedding day. Some couples choose to renew their vows to celebrate an anniversary, some to reaffirm their relationship following a turbulent patch in their marriage or others to finally have the wedding that they always wanted but could not afford the first time round. Couples usually choose specific dates on which to renew their wedding vows and to swear eternal love once again. These dates relate to an anniversary and have been given a name in accordance with the number of years celebrated.

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