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An Authentic Trip to Holguin’s Enchanted City

It is a beautiful morning at Playa Esmeralda hotels as you prep in a hurry for the excursion of the day, the tour to Gibara. Some say that Christopher Columbus’ landing took place nearby and you just can’t wait to wander across the small fishing village. A bus collects you at Paradisus Rio de Oro […]

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Touring Holguin City…What would it be like?

The “city of the parks” lies in front of you like a puzzle of concrete and illustrated people with great pride of being citizens of Holguin, the land where the Cuban history began. To the north, Christopher Columbus may have disembarked in the late 1500s, uttering the phrase, “this is the most beautiful land human […]

Sunbeds Varadero

5 “MUST DOs” in Varadero

If you’ve never been to Cuba, Varadero is definitely one of those ‘’must’’ places. Once you know your way around it, trust me on this one, you will always end up going back there one way or the other. Some call it magic. Here are 5 MUST DO to help you get the best of […]

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