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Tryp Habana Libre: The most iconic hotel in Havana

On 19 March, the iconic hotel complex Tryp Habana Libre, one of the largest in Cuba and situated in one of the most popular areas in Havana, will be celebrating the 55th anniversary of its establishment. This hotel is a jewel in the heart of this modern city. This iconic, fifties-style tower has 27 floors and more than 600 rooms, and is a striking sight against the surrounding landscape. Over 200 metres above sea level, it is renowned for its location. Its rooms are huge, and those on the top floors boast stunning views of the entire city and the sea. The top floor accommodates the Sierra Maestra Panoramic Lounge and the Turquino Cabaret Club, equipped with a retractable roof, opening on to a wonderful viewpoint of the Caribbean Sea.

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