Sunbeds Varadero

5 “MUST DOs” in Varadero

If you’ve never been to Cuba, Varadero is definitely one of those ‘’must’’ places. Once you know your way around it, trust me on this one, you will always end up going back there one way or the other. Some call it magic. Here are 5 MUST DO to help you get the best of […]

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The world is saying it’s #TimeForCuba … #MeliaCuba is listening

-“Oh my god, oh my god he’s in” ….”People, Obama is here”. Once these words were said the glass of Meliá Habana’s Italian restaurant “La Scala” fogged up in admiration. The staff lined up in a burst of waves and smiles to welcome Havana’s guest of the day, President Barack Obama. On his way to […]

Jhoen Lefont Rodriguez Armando 10
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Dolphin of Football to attempt new Guinness World Record at #MeliaCuba’s domains

  Have you ever tried to achieve something amazing? Pushing yourself to the limit in activities you excel at ….. maybe? People do it all the time and when they make it greatly,  they often become Guinness World Records’ heroes. Next 27th February 2016 at 9.30 am we will be hosting the deed of one of […]

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