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#CubaEmotions: 3 hotels in Varadero to celebrate the wedding of your dreams

Varadero, Cuba, the beach, the sun, the waves, that especial one by your side, the light of the moon at night…well, let’s automatically assume you’re in love!! And what’s not to love of this idyllic scenario?  Are you looking for something excited to do on your special day? Something different that will provide you memories […]

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#CubaEmotions: Four ways to have a Cuban Coffee

By Ariel Causa Las time we met we went through 3 different  classic Cuban Cocktails all visitors should drink before leaving our country. We were, indeed, reckless and we were carried away by the cascade of nuances and the sensorial exploration. We listened to our senses, to our instincts and, even worse, to barmen’s advice. […]

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#CubaEmotions: 7 Holguin Highlights

Known euphemistically as “the city of parks”, Cuba’s fourth-largest urban center retains a laid-back and friendly atmosphere that put visitors instantly at ease. There’s too much reality to witness, too many rhythms to absorb and not only in the city but in the homonymous region as well. Holguin’s beauty was first spotted by Christopher Columbus […]

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