Cienfuegos, is “the city that I like the most”

Cienfuegos, is “the city that I like the most”

In Cuba, art is like water, it runs everywhere. Here music, performance arts, architecture and history tell the story of the people in an everyday basis. There’s a musician, a dancer or a painter in almost every family, just as a popular saying reads “ every time you turn around thousands of artists pop up”.

The truth is that the island is a hub of talent that finds its climax in the cities. Great urban centers as Havana and Santiago de Cuba or tourists towns like Trinidad will be known to all while equally interesting metropolis as Cienfuegos, remain undiscovered, misjudged as one-day-visit destinations.

Park José Martí, center of Cienfuegos

Due to its French origins, Cienfuegos is a city with unique charm.  Declared “heritage site” by UNESCO in 2005, the so called “Pearl of the South”captivates international visitors since it is “ a notable example of an architectural and urban landscape in which Latin America’s new ideas of modernity and hygiene, flourished in the 19th century”.

In its declaration, UNESCO highlights the city’s architecture, neoclassical in its origins evolving  into more eclectical but keeping balance as it grew. Walking along its streets is learning a history lesson just by architectural sightseeing. Buildings such as “Palacio de Gobierno” , “Colegio San Lorenzo” , “Teatro Terry” , “Palacio de Valle” and “Palacio Ferrer”are some of the icons of the region recognised by the international organization.

Terry Theatre

However, two elements of the destination make it a standout: music and the sea. Everything about Cienfuegos is related to the sea, its fresh food, the sports people practice, the way they dress and even how healthy they are. There’s no greatest pleasure than watching the sun rise or set from its Malecon as boats sails on and off the bay. Tourists will always find fresh fish in here, and so good stories and legends, nurtured of centuries of fishing tradition.

Settlement at Cienfuegos Bay

Music on the other hand, flows naturally in the inhabitants of this land. Famous singer Benny More, inmortalized it in one of his songs, “Cienfuegos es la ciudad que más me gusta a mi” (Cienfuegos is the city that I like the most). The melody became so popular among nationals, that it is considered one of the 100 best Cuban songs of all times.

Benny Moré, icon of Cuban music

Meliá Cuba team is starting operations in this city with great joy. Hotels “La Unión”, “Jagua” and “ Meliá San Carlos” have been incorporated to our hotel portfolio from January 2018. Excited to be the new kid in town we invite you to discover its fascinating sites and people with us. Stay tuned, it’s time to explore Cienfuegos more than ever, post by post!