Cayo Largo: Ecotourism at one of the world’s best beaches

Cayo Largo: Ecotourism at one of the world’s best beaches

Winter will soon be here, so it’s time for families, friends and couples to start planning their holidays. One of the most cost-effective and rewarding options is ecotourism. When you travel, you can also be respectful of the environment and cause little or no pollution. This involves choosing the right accommodation and method of transport, and above all showing respect for the people and area at your destination. If you’re thinking about visiting Cuba, let us suggest a place that will surprise you with an unspoilt landscape, clean air, crystal-clear waters and fine white sand.

Well-known for its turtle observation, egg-laying and newborn release programme, few Caribbean locations can compete with the beauty of the seabeds at Cayo Largo del Sur, since its warm waters are home to a wide variety of underwater flora and fauna. One of its most stunning sites, Playa Paraíso, was listed in Travellers’ Choice as the eleventh best beach worldwide.

In this paradise, Meliá Cuba has just celebrated the reopening of Sol Pelícano, an all-inclusive resort ideal for families and ecotours. The hotel has a tower affording amazing views of the sea and the key, rooms on the beachfront and it is surrounded by parks with local sculptures. The facility offers a wide range of leisure and sports activities for children and adults, and it is ideal for diving lovers and guests who want to be in complete contact with nature. There are many excursions for holidaymakers to choose from, including the Pueblo Tour, which takes you to the town Isla del Sol. Here you can visit the marina and Los Quelonios turtle farm, where you can release recently hatched turtles into the sea.



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