5 reasons to dance with Havana in April

5 reasons to dance with Havana in April

This month, Havana certainly has it going on. An explosion of music, art, dance and video will hit the streets of this extraordinary city to celebrate the 20th international festival of urban dance, Old Havana City in Motion, La Huella de España, Tránsitos Habana, DVDanza and Los Días de la Danza.

The festival will begin on Sunday 12 April in Plaza de Armas with La Huella de España, the 26th edition of which is dedicated to Galicia. The event, created and chaired by prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso, will run until 19 April in various theatres and spaces around Old Havana. The festival spans practically every genre of art, and each year is not only dedicated to embracing the Spanish roots that are present in the Cuban culture, but also the cultural life and customs of Spain’s various autonomous regions.

The programme includes presentations by the National Ballet of Cuba, the company of Irene Rodríguez, the dance group Alma Máter from the University of Havana, conferences, photography exhibitions, film shows and concerts, one of which will feature the duet Buena Fe together with Galician singer-songwriter Andrés Suárez on Thursday 16 April at 6.30 p.m. in Theatre Mella.

The event Old Havana City in Motion will be held from 15 to 19 April and features performers from over 15 countries. The festival aims to promote dance by taking it to the streets, houses, courtyards, squares and even unknown corners of the city. This is undoubtedly one of the country’s most attractive cultural events, which appeals to spectators through a combination of art inspired by the architecture, history and design of one of the world’s most famous locations: the historical centre of Havana.

At the same time as the festival, and following the same goal of celebrating dance and its diversity, the 4th Tránsitos Habana will be held. This is a cultural exchange with Scandinavian artists, which will take place until 26 April. The 10th DVDanza Habana video-dance exhibition will also host material collected from over 20 countries.

And to finish with a bang, Los Días de la Danza (The Days of Dance) will close the month with an opportunity to display the plurality of the Cuban dance scene, where contemporary dance coexists alongsideSpanish folklore, African and folk styles, ballroom dancing, son, salsa, congo and many more genres.

This is undoubtedly a unique chance to enjoy the music that is such an inherent part of this amazing city.

More info: https://www.meliacuba.es/ofertas-hoteles-cuba

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Habana Vieja: ciudad en movimiento. Foto: Ladyrene Pérez/Cubadebate.