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Safer Vacations with #MeliaCuba: a detailed guide!

The wellbeing of our guests is always a top priority for Meliá Cuba. This is the reason why, we have established safety protocols covering all operational areas of the hotel, including those who are not visible to clients. Find here a detailed list of measures: Main Entrance Increase in the cleaning and sanitizing areas of […]

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Cayo Largo del Sur: where Sea Turtles nest

At Jardines de la Reina archipelago, located on the southwestern coast of Cuba, the islet of Cayo Largo needs no introduction. Year after year, thousands of travelers choose to rest in this almost virgin paradise, famous its dream beaches. Imagine: kilometers and kilometers of white sands always cool, waters so crystalline that you can see […]

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Camagüey Historical Center: A World Heritage Labyrinth

Imagine a Cuban landscape! What do you see? Probably a dazzling beach, with palm trees, white sand and infinite blue sea. Or perhaps a street in Havana, where some classic cars roll. And you are right: both visions are part of the authentic Cuba. However, there are other places, equally charming, not to miss during […]

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Cayo Santa María: The white rose of Cuban keys

With approximately 5 800 kilometers of coastline, the narrow configuration of the Cuban archipelago allows the ocean to never be too far, no matter where you are. Cuba and the sea have an indissoluble relationship, which goes beyond physical contact and is manifested in the flavors of delicious dishes made with fish and seafood; the […]

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Getting to know Cienfuegos: five jewels of its architecture

In central Cuba, embedded in one of the most spectacular bays in the archipelago, stands the city of Cienfuegos, founded by French colonists in 1819. This elegant and unique town, hosts architectural treasures that have ensured it a spot among UNESCO’s Heritage Sites in 2005. Today we will bring you closer to five of them, […]

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Contests and Cuban spirit preparing for the future

In a sewing machine, a Cuban psychologist gives the last stitches to a mask that has been invented for an exceptional draw in these times of crisis. The protective mouth mask is meant not only to prevent the winner from getting coronavirus, but also to transmit positive energy to his thousands of confined friends who […]

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Playa Esmeralda, a place that you deserve

You are doing great! You are complying with the sanitary measures, you inform yourself, you stay at home, you take care of yourself and your family. Sometimes sad thoughts take over, but as the days go by you feel calm, motivated and vigorous again. You are awesome! You deserve to disconnect in a big way! […]

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Jardines del Rey: Working for the perfect destination

Cuba’s northern keys are a haven of peace and natural harmony. The archipelago of Jardines del Rey stands out among them, for its biodiversity, astounding beaches and sea bottom landscapes bearing the second largest coral reef in the world. Distributed along Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Coco, Meliá Cuba manages six beautiful hotels, that have not […]

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Exploring the Soul of Santiago

If we had to recommend a Cuban city to represent the soul of the island, that would be, without a doubt, Santiago. Many nationals who were born in other regions of Cuba might disagree, but that’s a different story. Today we want to present a route in the so-called “Hero City”; a path you must […]


Cuba as a privilege

Climate and its turquoise water beaches, have always made the Caribbean such a privileged place for tourism. A travel to the Antilles, with a never-ending summer and beach water temperature ranging from 26 to 30 degrees Celsius, becomes both an initiation and a true luxury experience. Even more if it is a travel to Cuba, […]

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