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Cuba Travel: your questions, our answers

Cuba, the most hospitable and welcoming archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, has begun to receive international travelers again, after a pause where efforts were made to protect human lives from the advance of COVID-19. With the mission successfully accomplished, the country and its people reopen their arms and welcome you. So that you know in […]

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Eight questions to ask if you’re planning to telework from Cuba!

It’s news everywhere: Meliá Hotels International is promoting a new kind of work style, one in which you can do your job and relax at the same time, a “workation” program for telecommuters to enjoy of comfortable hotels and beautiful destinations around the world, such as Cuba. As a matter of fact, the island is […]

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Meliá Pro Corporate: an online turn to travel for companies and organizations

Comfort, safety, customer centric: three pillars on which the strategies developed by Meliá Hotels International for the creation of services are based. Proof of this is the MeliáPro Corporate portal, dedicated to corporate customers who travel for business or pleasure or travel coordinators on behalf of companies, embassies or organizations. Using this proven platform, you […]

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Meliá Cuba hotels recognized with Travelers’ Choice Awards

2020 has been a difficult year for tourism, in which most travelers have stayed at home to preserve their health and that of their family. However, this has not prevented them from praising the hotels and attractions they love and continuing to plan their future vacations in new or familiar destinations. This is how 18 […]

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Stay longer… stay with Meliá Cuba!

The final months of the year are here. At the Northern hemisphere, higher latitudes start to get tinted with hues going from yellow to red, then brown, and finally white. Winter comes and with it, those evening by the fireplace, days of playing in the snow, hot pies… and those getaways to more beneficial climates […]

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Meliá Cayo Coco, in your heart forever!

Travel experiences remain in your heart forever. Most of the time, they turn into great stories that friends and family keep for moments of communion; the catchy music you listened and danced for the first time on an all-inclusive holiday and that it is now a permanent tune in your playlist, the tasty meals you […]

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Meliá Trinidad Península: between heritage and fun

Trinidad is a magical region, like taken out from a romantic novel, where nature and heritage merge to tell visitors the history of central Cuba through the voice of the southern sea, picturesque buildings and tropical mountains. Here, in the third village founded by the Spanish conquerors on the island, a new hotel has laid […]

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#WorkFromCubaWithMeliá: make of a hotel, your new remote office!

This pandemic has changed us all. Whether we like or not, life as we know it, is transforming, and, “hey, that’s not necessarily a bad outcome”. Let’s take the labor sector as an example. Even when in some industries the number of remote workers have increased in recent years, forced lockdowns have sped up the […]

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#WorkFromCubaWithMelia: a new remote work experience

Facing the new international context imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Meliá Hotels International Cuba works on new strategies to introduce original and attractive services, in order to cater for new needs of important segments on the travel market. One of these emerging areas is, undoubtedly, Remote Work, which has already modified employment patterns at international […]

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Raúl’s list: the best of Meliá Internacional Varadero

For decades, employees have been the greatest asset of Meliá Cuba. People who love their work, with proven experience or with great desire to learn, turning this company into a great family. And who’s best fully about our hotels or identify what pleases each guest? Without a doubt, our workers are the most qualified voice. […]

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