5 “MUST DOs” in Varadero

5 “MUST DOs” in Varadero

If you’ve never been to Cuba, Varadero is definitely one of those ‘’must’’ places. Once you know your way around it, trust me on this one, you will always end up going back there one way or the other. Some call it magic. Here are 5 MUST DO to help you get the best of your time in Varadero.

  1. Go to the beach, of course.

Blue water waves under a perfect blue sky and a shining sun. “It’s just another day in paradise”. Grab your hat and go for a walk across the shore or just seat down on the sand while reading a good book. Catamarans are also available if you feel a little more adventurous. Scuba diving, fishing, yachting and even skydiving are other sport/water-related activities.


  1. Enjoy the beautiful exclusive resorts

If you feel a little under the weather or if the weather itself feels a little under the weather, you can always enjoy the facilities, inside the very resort you are staying, without leaving the comfort of its premises. There is a wide range of possibilities. Taking a hot bath , getting a massage, going to the sauna , relaxing at the pool…Anyway, if it turns a little cloudy there will be still plenty to do while you keep on discovering all the blessings Varadero has to offer.

Paradisus Princesa del Mar
Paradisus Princesa del Mar
  1. Go crazy with the night life (or not..)

There are lots of bars, cabarets and night clubs in Varadero. You can dance all night long or you could simply hit the bowling alley near Plaza Las Morlas, a place full of youth and services almost every night. You can always tell the “teen spirit” there. Nevertheless, a simple walk across the 1st Avenue entering random locals is a great, anything but boring idea.


  1. Be a real pirate of the Caribbean

Feel like a true sailor and try a catamaran tour, available for the whole day or just a couple of hours. Enjoy the view of reefs, sea world and the amazing aquatic landscape while snorkeling and get to visit the Ecologic Reserve Varahicacos, at the east of the peninsula. And for the fauna enthusiasts there’s always opportunity  to swim with dolphins in safe blue waters.

  1. Don’t forget a Souvenir

Street markets are the best way to take a piece of Cuban Varadero with you. And they are everywhere, always motivating you to take a look and in some cases… more than look..:-)From handcrafted Cuban “almendrones” ornaments, sculptures and sea-related jewelry to customized notebooks, you find all kind of stuff that can provide a nice memory.

They say Cuba is an eternal summer and Varadero is a living proof of that…It means you are free to return anytime for another souvenir and endless hours of sunshine