In Cuba: An Art Factory for all your senses

In Cuba: An Art Factory for all your senses

Right where Vedado meets Miramar, two of the most popular areas in Havana, there is a former oil factory that has now come back to life as an art laboratory, the ingenious idea of the singer X Alfonso.

State-of-the-art culture, aesthetic diversity and spiritual enthusiasm are some of the shades of the artistic fusion provided every evening from Thursday to Sunday with the participation of over 500 young people.

Catering for many tastes with many options! The centre has a projection room for small bands, literary presentations, performances, conferences and plays. It also has a library and exhibition space, and on the top floor, a dance area, theatre and cinema, a terrace for concerts, a room for digital art and even a place for massages.

Cuban-style tapas, including vegetable pie, meatballs, prawns and banana chips, as well as a huge selection of Cuban and international cocktails, are served at all the many bars on the premises.

There is also a local Wi-Fi area, “an intranet with a database of Cuban artists, ” and a chat room to get to know people better. 😉

The best thing about the Art Factory is that you can go wherever you please and make the space your own depending on your mood. There is space, offers and company for everyone. You’re left with the feeling of having visited many places with all your senses in just one evening.





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Fabrica De Arte Cubano,     Havana