December is on the horizon! So come check out Havana at 24 frames per second

December is on the horizon! So come check out Havana at 24 frames per second

Next December, exactly from the 6th to the 16th Havana will host the 40th Edition of the International New Latin-American Film Festival hosted by the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC).

The festival promotes and broadcasts a rather different cinematographic experience, delivering images that reflect how Latin-Americans see themselves through their own lenses, i.e. the deep south. It showcases and confirms the Caribbean and Latin-American identities and it’s regarded as one of the most important film festivals in the region. Its fame is due largely to the fact that it serves as a platform for productions that are ignored by the big international industries in the field.

Born in 1979 it crystalized the dreams and aspirations of a group of renowned filmmakers of the continent who shaped their visions in the founding of a new type of Latin-American cinema cemented on cultural and ideological objectives.

Although we are well into the 21st century Cubans still preserve a strong tradition of attending cinemas which are concentrated mainly in the city centre but present throughout the metropolis. Cinematographic culture runs strong in the veins of Cuban viewers, something that is equally matched by the considerable number of Cuban films awarded in preceding editions.

Cuban cinema connoisseurs, fans and international visitors anxiously await this festival which is inserted in the midst of the end of year celebration atmosphere, adding a cinematographic brushstroke to the combine.

During the movie cycle numberless Havana residents flock to the capital’s cinemas scrutinizing the motion pictures on display and later debating their favourites in every corner.

For movie goers the mission is clear, the goal is to watch as many films as possible. Some in expectation even reserve their holidays for this time of the year and very frequently you see people going on a cinema spree jumping from one venue to the next, seamlessly spending entire days and night shifts in order to watch the preselected titles.


Despite the fact that there are various viewing locations, the classic movie tours done by the locals must include the architectural jewels of the Riviera, Chaplin, Rampa and Yara movie theatres along the very busy 23 street which crosses the elegant and cosmopolitan Vedado district.

Famous Cuban actors, directors, producers together with Latin-American and worldwide film stars have this space to celebrate and display the authenticity of this form of filmmaking.

This event is a flat democracy environment were the fans walk up and down chasing cinemas often rubbing shoulders with classic and contemporary Cuban or foreign film stars.