Five cities to explore from #MeliaCuba hotels

Five cities to explore from #MeliaCuba hotels

In 2018, Cuba will continue to be a cultural  destination attracting people from all over the world. With great beaches and a unique idiosyncracy, the largest island in the Caribbean is always a great a choice for those looking to relax and connect with history while on holidays.

To fully enjoy the beauty of the former Spanish colony, you really need to walk its heritage towns, dance its music, understand its political twists and above all, share with its people, who are, ultimately, its greatest treasure.

Helping you to enjoy the diversity of Cuba and the joyful nature of its people is one of our main aims. With a presence in the key urban and holiday destinations, Meliá Cuba offers its guests the option of combining on their visit to the island the colors of some of its most attractive heritage cities. Here is what we recommend:


One of the largest holiday destinations in Cuba, Havana is the cultural capital of the country. With a wide collection of museums, theatres and concert halls, the city is an attractive visitation centre for those loving the arts. Right in the modern side of it, Meliá Cohiba, Meliá Habana and Tryp Habana Libre, stand as options for accommodation near the most popular attractions in town.


Located next to one of the best bays in the world, thanks to its dimensions, depth and security, Cienfuegos is considered an architectural jewel having great French influence. A city of remarkable patrimonial constructions, it exhibits a very well preserved historical area declared World Heritage by UNESCO, in which constructions of diverse styles harmoniously stand out, and there is an urban layout that has earned it the name of the Pearl of the South.

From the start of 2018, Meliá Cuba will manage hotels La Union, Jagua and heritage villages Casa Perla, Palacio Azul and Casa Verde followed by the new Meliá San Carlos, a latter addition to this list within the year.

Visitors staying in the city will have the opportunity of practicing a variety of nautical sports, climb the stunning nearby mountains of the Sierra del Escambray and admire the legacy of Spanish settlers through its architecture and traditions.


Being a true colonial experience, visiting Trinidad invite the most demanding international visitor to a wandering across time in a 21st century atmosphere. That is the charm of this 16th century town located in the south centre of the island of Cuba. Founded in 1514, “La Villa de la Santisima Trinidad” (the village of the holy trinity) offers a stroll along cobbled streets and marble-paved mansions, the tradition of sugar cane harvesting and processing and the secrets of the marvelous mix of African slaves and Spanish conquerors which is present almost everywhere, in music, cuisine and people.

By 2020 Meliá Hotels Cuba will open the Meliá Trinidad in this region, a 400-room resort from which travelers will get the best of the city and southern Cuban coast.


Camaguey is the largest province in Cuba. Numerous large keys are dotted along the southern coasts, while the northern coast is lined by the Jardines del Rey archipelago, which also is one of the most popular sun and sand destinations for beach holidays in central Cuba.

Founded in 1514, as the village of Santa Maria del Puerto Principe, the old centre of Camaguey was deliberately built on an irregular pattern, intended to confuse foreign attackers.

This central province has one of the most important historical centres in the island which has also been declared a World Heritage Site and is one of the Cuban cities that best preserves the Spanish-Moorish features of colonial architecture. Its numerous churches are remarkable examples of the religious and funeral customs from colonial times. Imbedded in this cultural scenery, the Gran Hotel and Hotel Colón offer visitors very centric places for resting. Along with the Camagüey hotel, these establishments will integrate Meliá Cuba portfolio from January 2018.

Santiago de Cuba

Capital of the island once during the Spanish ruling Santiago de Cuba is considered as one of the major holiday destinations in Cuba. With many cultural and natural attributes, it provides the international visitor with a wide scope of things to see and do from colonial fortresses, to battle grounds, sunken ships, mountain trails and the best of traditional music. Places of interest in the region comprise the Baconao Park, the museum Bacardi, the House of the Music and the Antonio Maceo Square and Memorial where visitors can learn about Cuba’s independence wars against the Spanish colonizers.

Major attractions are located at a walking distance of Meliá Santiago de Cuba, a picturesque and modern building which has also become a symbol of the city.

From the upcoming 2018 hotels managed by Meliá Cuba will be scattered across the island. We have presented you a five destination combo.  What will be yours? Join us, it’s time to explore Cuba more than ever!