Santiago de Cuba rum: a liquor with a strong personality

Santiago de Cuba rum: a liquor with a strong personality

Santiago de Cuba rum is the perfect example of how the tasting of this native and firm spirit can be a smooth, refined and enriching experience.

When we taste one of these it feels like a voyage into the discovery not only of the result of hundreds of years of evolution of production and aging techniques accompanied by rigorous scientific work, but it’s a chance to excite one’s self-senses with a singular phenomenon that so greatly captures the essence of the city it’s named after.

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Along with its different physical ingredients, Santiago de Cuba rum embodies the character of the site of its birth and production, a land of vibrant energy, amazing colours, exceptional aromas, incredible people and a peculiar Cuban culture.

In its different variants going from, Carta Blanca to Extra Aged along with special editions, the rum goes from being a light beverage to different growing in complexity sets of aromatic wonders, each one adding its personal touch to your palate.

Produced out of sugar cane which was introduced in Cuba by Christopher Columbus in 1493, it is said to have been invented by the slaves in the sugar cane fields, but wasn’t perfected until the XIX century when the big distilleries appeared.

Santiago de Cuba, its cradle, has been blessed with the composition of its soils and a special micro climate, which are prominent to the production process. On the other hand, production and aging go by the magic touch of rum maestros who have passed down the knowledge from one generation to the other, as this art form cannot be studied anywhere, it comes as a pure result of the love for what they do.

Everything complements the elaboration procedure; the warehouses where barrels are kept are surrounded by an intriguing mystique that’s more tangible when you adventure yourself inside them. They somehow inculcate their ambiance and complex array of attributes that prowl inside them, turning the rum into a myth.

One must say that this nationally and internationally acclaimed and award winning rum is a well accomplished original liquid that synthesis Santiago’s culture.