Cayo Santa María: 5 excursions to admire nature

Cayo Santa María: 5 excursions to admire nature

Blue sea, sand and endless sky. The spectacular Cayo Santa María, one of the most coveted destinations in Cuba, once again offers you the opportunity to enjoy the best vacations of your life. To the beaches and resorts that have made it famous, excursions are added, designed to please every visitor – even those with the most demanding tastes. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading!

Motonatura is the first proposal: how about joining an electric motorcycle caravan and touring the cay? With the assistance of specialized guides, you will get to the best places to discover the splendid tropical nature: the Aguada del Bagá trail, the Forest Artists trail, the Golden Hair Cave trail… Birds, landscapes, small mammals, flowers Bright colors await you at every stop, so our advice is: look at everything, don’t miss a detail and if you can take photos or videos, even better! The adventure in the forest is followed by relaxation: Motonatura ends at noon, with a refreshing swim on Las Gaviotas beach and an exquisite Cuban lunch at Las Terrazas Tourist Plaza.

Do you need more? The Caguanes Tour will take you to a region declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO: the National Park of the same name, which actually occupies a much larger area of ​​land than Cayo Santa María, as it extends to the Yaguajay coast in the big Island. Early in the morning, a bus will transfer you from your hotel to the Marina Gaviota to board the catamarans that sail through the channels between the cays. There will be stops for snorkeling in the coral reef, snacks and an open bar on board the catamaran, an interesting visit to the caves of Cayo Caguanes and free time for you to enjoy a swim in the megano of Boca Chica. You can take your partner, your children, your friends …

Caguanes Tour

Now imagine yourself sitting comfortably on top of a double-decker bus. Feel the breeze, the heat of the sun … the Panoramic Tour is a trip through the key that will allow you to see all its facilities: hotels, tourist places and the fantastic dolphinarium where it ends. Although a show of these intelligent cetaceans is already included in the tour, perhaps you will be encouraged to dive with them, participate in their tricks, ask them to pose for a photo: it is an experience that is really worth it and we assure you that you will not regret!

The options do not end here, because thinking of the comfort of yours, the Family Getaway has been designed. It consists of traveling aboard comfortable jeeps to get to know the lagoon that is home to migratory birds that arrive each year from North America (with a little luck you will see complete flocks), the Cueva del Pelo de Oro (that it is not very big, but it is very interesting due to its geological formation) and finally Las Gaviotas beach … of course, the beach for your family could not miss! Did you already write it down in your agenda?

Playa Las Gaviotas

Fifth and last option –for now- is the Cayo Santa María Adventure, which offers you first a boat trip to the most virgin corners of the key, then a jeep tour to the reserves where valuable species of regional flora and fauna are protected. If you are a nature lover, this option will be perfect for you, since you will also have specialized descriptions about each plant or animal that you discover, as well as explanations about its care and handling. At the end, you will take as a souvenir the best images of the Cuban coastal ecosystems.

What do you think would be your favorite excursion? To answer the question there is no other choice but to try them all! Ask your travel agent or the sales bureau of your hotel, invite your travel companions and launch yourself into the discovery. You will want to repeat, for sure!