Paradisus Resort Credit, just what you’ve been longing for!

Paradisus Resort Credit, just what you’ve been longing for!

Meliá’s constant impulse for excellence inevitably expels an ongoing drive for pampering its customers. This is translated into various by-products, whether it’s through the  services, elegant and memorable facilities, exclusive The Level sections or engaging cuisine. The steadfast obsession for customer gratification leaves it no other choice than to steer your interests and pleasure in the perfect direction with something called Paradisus Resort Credit.

But, what is it exactly?

The Paradisus Resort Credit system has been around for some time and it gives you the opportunity to multiply your Paradisus experience by capitalizing on your spending, getting you access to premium services and saving you money at the same time! I know, sounds impossible to you right? But that’s precisely the point, aren’t we all tired of getting what’s possible? Wouldn’t you like to go for the impossible? Meliá sure does! It’s a proven fact that absolutely nothing can go wrong when you come lodge with Meliá.

How does it work?

It’s very simple, when you lodge at hotels managed under the Meliá Hotels International’s Paradisus brand you will receive a certain amount of money which can later be spent through a discount system for paying for different services in hotels under the mentioned brand. By lodging from 4 to 6 nights you will earn 550 U.S. dollars in Resort Credits and if you lodge from 7 nights onwards you will earn 1000 U.S. dollars in Resort Credits that you’ll be able to spend in Paradisus hotel facilities.

Stop wondering! Picture yourself getting that amazing $100 massage for just $50, or indulging with that exclusive wine bottle at a discount with your significant other by the sea in the perfect Caribbean restaurant or upgrading your room to premium saving yourself some money on the way, sounds great! To say that it’s mere “value for money” would be a massive understatement.

For your knowledge there were three  Paradisus hotels in Cuba that provide this scheme, being the Paradisus Varadero, the Paradisus Princesa del Mar and the Paradisus Rio de Oro hotels, but this year we have a new addition, the Paradisus Los Cayos .

This newbie is a gorgeous and modern Ultra All Inclusive eco-resort situated in the Cayo Santa María Key on the northern cost of central Cuba. It’s been designed with special care and taking into account the harmony with the environment as it seamlessly fuses with the coastal landscape and vegetation.

This 802 room facility is recommended for family, honeymoons, meetings and events offering exclusive Royal Service (only for adults) and Family Concierge for those seeking the greatest degree of a luxurious experience.

Its 25 restaurants and bars are sure to cater for every taste and with regards to events there is a specialized team in charge of organizing, coordinating and carrying out any sort of group event for business or leisure.

Last but not least there are plentiful recreation options including water sports, gymnasium, scuba diving, fun pub and others.