Raúl’s list: the best of Meliá Internacional Varadero

Raúl’s list: the best of Meliá Internacional Varadero

For decades, employees have been the greatest asset of Meliá Cuba. People who love their work, with proven experience or with great desire to learn, turning this company into a great family. And who’s best fully about our hotels or identify what pleases each guest? Without a doubt, our workers are the most qualified voice.

That is why, among so many valuable people, we want to introduce you today to Raúl Téstar, who serves as Head of Sales for the Meliá Internacional Varadero. “Raulito”, as many know him, has thousands of compliments for the hotel where he works; however, we ask for your opinion on the attributes that make this place perfect for your new and well-deserved vacation.

Here is his list of recommendations and advantages:

  1. Safety and Security

After our reopening “we have established strict hygiene protocols to take care of guests throughout their stay” Raulito tells us. The entire hotel team is part of this task, for which they were prepared during the months of pause and which they face today with the professionalism that characterizes them.

  1. Relaxation

On the highest floor of the hotel, the Yhi Spa invites you to renew body and mind on its infinity pool with spectacular views of the beach … This temple of wellness is designed to take each client into an infinite world of sensations, sounds and aromas. Add this recommendation to your list: spend an afternoon lying down and happy while the specialists take care of you, you will not be disappointed!

  1. Diversity of flavors

The infinity of flavors available in the many à la carte restaurants: Italian, Cuban, Mexican, gourmet, each with its own design, style and decoration, is the basis of the gastronomic diversity of the Meliá Internacional. The most demanding palates surrender in this gastronomic boulevard that also includes bars … it’s just a matter of trying everything and finding your favorite place!

  1. Unique experiences

Picturesque and varied are also themed cocktail nights, a highly demanded experience where guests can make their own mixes with the advice of experienced bartenders. And try them later, of course. Dare yourself! Who knows? Maybe your cocktail becomes famous, wouldn’t you like it?

  1. Exclusivity “The Level”

Here you will find a section of superior rooms differentiated from the rest of the hotel; exclusive restaurants, bars, reception and beach area; concierge services, priority in gastronomic reservations or the Yhi Spa; Free Wi-Fi connection and many more facilities. Everything focused on what is really important: your comfort, your joy and your safety.

“In order for the connection experience to be complete, we provide good quality Wi-Fi service in all areas and accessible to all guests.” Whether in the pool, restaurants, spa, bars, wherever you are you can be in touch with your family, your friends and show them how great you are at the Meliá Internacional Varadero. Do you want to follow the news? Perfect. Do you want to be a star with your stories on Instagram? Do you want to record a Tik Tok on the beach? Go ahead, there are no limits!

And here we take a pause, because, although there are many recommendations to make, it is better to give them little by little, and leave some surprises hidden for the imagination. We will be back very soon with more news of this fantastic hotel. We await your comments!