Soeur Angele, a nun that cooks like an angel!

Soeur Angele, a nun that cooks like an angel!

Soeur Angele is a celebrity in Quebec. She is a very well known character for Canadian both Radio and Television ,mostly due to her development as a chef specialized in healthy food. We are talking about a nun, whose love and devotion for Cuba has already been proven several times but specially last year, when she visited our country and cooked  for us at hotels Melia Cohiba, Paradisus Varadero and Paradisus Princesa del Mar.

Soeur Angele will be joining us one more time this year in Havana and Varadero providing a great opportunity for our staff to learn from her experience and to create memories like the ones we made last year.  This genuine lady shows passion for Cuba and its people. Our hospitality and good humor have captivated her and also Cuban cuisine. That’s why our hotels create the proper context so that Soeur Angele and our chefs are able to exchange best practices and points of view.“I was captivated by the Cuban Way: passion, life and love” … “Cubans offer an unparalled generosity and most surprisingly hospitality” said the nun while interviewed at MED restaurant in Meliá Cohiba last year.

Soeur Angele with teams of Melia Cuba and the Canadian Embassy in Havana

Three different degustation dinners will take place with Soeur Angele at the leading role, this time at Melia Habana and Paradisus Princesa del Mar and Paradisus Varadero as recurrent venues. A mix between the best of the cuisine from Cuba and Quebec will star in Havana and Varadero next week.

Soeur Angele in Varadero

A nun that cooks like heavens is back at Meliá Cuba‘s gastronomic playground!