The best Mediterranean food in Havana

The best Mediterranean food in Havana

Dear readers, it is my pleasure to communicate to you that while visiting the captivating city of Havana, if you happen to reminisce about the charming flavours and aromas pertaining to the Mediterranean cuisine, you should be clear that there is absolutely no need to wait until you get back to Europe. Nor must you plan a trip to its southern geographic area specifically with the aim of tearing off some of the wonders and authenticity that Mediterranean food has to offer.

Seafood at MED

To your convenience and comfort, all of that can be found at the modern A la carte Med restaurant in the centric Meliá Cohiba hotel facing the legendary malecón (seawall) in beautiful Havana. It’s a complete package that comes loaded with ambiance, excellent service along with smiling, hospitable and welcoming hosts. This cosmopolitan city of the Caribbean Sea in tune with its reputation as a particular blend of cultures, architecture, peoples, cars and gastronomy of course cannot go without proposing a little bit of everything to everyone.

Mediterranean food has been widely accepted to be the healthiest diet worldwide and finds a firm grip at a centric spot in one of the most popular hotels in the city. This concurred venue is open 7 days a week offering you a variety of meat, fish, rice and seafood that you can accompany with the best Spanish wines or Sangría. This recently remodelled restaurant displays a new modern image with a rustic touch, delivering enchanting warmth and hospitality.

The quality of this type of food here is definitely superior to others offered in other parts of the city as the contracted chefs are specialized in this type of food, therefore, it does not come as a surprise that customers keep coming back repeatedly.

It’s quite simple: sit back, relax, let yourself go and enjoy the moment with excellent service and food coming together in a splendid outcome. I assure you than once you blow away your taste buds with this Mediterranean experience you’ll have no choice but to come back again and again.