Come and experience the Havana World Music Festival with #MeliaCuba

Come and experience the Havana World Music Festival with #MeliaCuba

We are just a few days away from one of the most prominent events regarding alternative music, in the country that is worldwide known as the musical island. From the 21st up to the 23rd of March, one of the most locally awaited engagements will convene. The Havana World Music Festival will take the Cuban capital by storm effectively turning it into the headquarters of wonderful nights and excellent atmosphere full of harmony and great live music. These days Havana rightly so will become the capital of alternative music filled with loads of art and fun!

It will have its home in the “Salón Rosado de la Tropical” . This musical-cultural FIESTA comes wrapped in a blended combo of diversity just like the city and the country in which it is set. During these short but intense days there is also space for workshops, conferences, expositions and DJ sessions creating a space of exchange on the latest musical tendencies.

The festival has been celebrated for five years now, Eme Alfonso, who started her carreer as a member of Síntesis, an anthological music group nicknamed the Cuban Rolling Stones planted the seeds of this event in her music video “Para mestizar” (For mixing)  out of her last album. It prompted Cuban musicians and producers to set the stage for a rendezvous that would bring together different peoples of the world in a setting atoned for the showcase and mixing of contrasting cultures and musical styles.

Each year the word out there spreads further and further among the people and the momentum grows in each edition springing more reasons to come. The order of the day is to live life to the fullest! Every new edition more musicians join, more people from the world attend, more initiatives appear and there are definitely more followers.


The list of renowned artists who will be performing includes Ozomatli (US), Cimafunk (CU), Francisco El Hombre (BR), Muñequitos de Matanzas (CU), Eme Alfonso (CU),Diego Guerrero (ES), Nomadic Massive (CA), Mental Abstrato (BR), Nengón Kiribá (CU), Vox Sambou (HT / CA), Korean Men (KR), Yissy & Bandancha (CU), iLLBiLLY HiTEC ft. Lengualerta (DE), Kumar (CU), Renu (IN), Ëda (FR), Leyanis Valdés (CU), Barry Paquin Roberge (CA), R.O.I (CU), Monsieur Doumani (CY), Les Deuxluxes (CA) and Telmary (Cu).

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Hosted by the Cuban Ministry of Culture, the Cuban Institute of Music, the government of Havana among others, year on year the festival, is known for its authenticity and originality celebrating Cuban and world music away from the excessive commercial perspectives we so commonly see these days. It is precisely this approach, harboured in the womb of its creators years ago, what has spawned its undeniable current success.