Get a front row seat and special offers by Meliá at the 13th Havana Biennial!

Get a front row seat and special offers by Meliá at the 13th Havana Biennial!

For a whole month next April, precisely from the 12th up to the 12th of May the capital city of Cuba will be turned into a “Cultural Corridor” as it gears up to host the 13th Havana Biennial, one of its most relevant events with respect to the arts. Born in 1984 and very popular among the locals it has managed to gain interest from all layers of society, promoting inclusive contemporary Cuban art but also focused on the art proposals emanating from the third world.

The nature and design of the art on display is an open invitation that goes beyond the mere appreciation and crosses over into the realm of achieving social implication from the masses as a way to obtain answers, stir reflexions, alter consciousness, ask questions and ultimately deliver new viewing angles from which to observe life. Without these singular brushstrokes, so key to its success it wouldn’t be what it is.

The rescue of forgotten memories and the validation of alternative systems of knowledge and forms of thinking in search of convergence between the creator, the creation and context are also goals and aspirations set for this Biennial, proposing larger spaces for inclusion and mutual understanding.

It couldn’t have been better-timed since Havana is already embarked on multiple celebrations commemorating its 500 years of founding. It also coincides with the 116th anniversary of he who inspired it, Wilfredo Lam, one of the most outstanding Cuban artists of all time. In addition to this the Wilfredo Lam Art Centre whose main task is the study, research and promotion of contemporary visual arts, especially those of third world countries turns 35 years of existence.

In this edition, the curatorial team once more based in the aforementioned Centre has conceived the slogan of the Biennial to be “La construcción de lo posible” (the construction of what’s possible), with the hope of fostering solidarity and understanding between all human beings regardless of their standing in society.

Close to 200 artists from 70 countries from Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and other regions as well as 16 Cuban artists will take part in one of the most original projects of its kind on the planet considering the solidity and rigorousness of the advanced topics. Participating countries include     Portugal, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, France, Peru and Spain.

The expositions will also occur in various locations like the Wilfredo Lam Art Centre, the Pabellón Cuba, the Centre for the Development of Visual Arts, Fototeca de Cuba, also in a great deal of the cultural institutions pertaining to the Office of the City’s Historian, the National Library José Martí and the UNEAC Villa Manuela Art Gallery together with other open urban spaces.

Popularity always scores high at the “Detrás del muro” (behind the wall) venue that always gathers large crowds in the widely known malecón (seawall). Here creators will unpack the awaited surprises in this massive 6 km long open air gallery facing the sea showcasing advanced aesthetic proposals.

Expectations also slides in favour of the “Línea Avenue” in the Vedado district, one of the central arteries of the city that will become a passage for culture and art spread throughout numerous galleries, theatres, etc. stretching around 3 km; in spite of all this the most important thing is to keep your eyes wide open because there might be an engaging and compelling piece of art wherever you look.

Meliá is pleased to grant you various high standard lodging options for this Biennial provided you make your reservation before the 11th of April and on the condition that your stay is within the 12th of April up to the 12th of May timeframe. There are 3 fantastic hotels to choose from in Havana, each one with a different special offer valid for the reservations given above.

Meliá Cohiba will offer a free Cocktail and free entry to the trendy Habana Café nightclub together with a traditional show. Meliá Habana will offer a cigar and rum tasting session in its Lobby Bar in a schedule defined by management. Finally, Tryp Habana Libre will offer a free guided tour through the history of the facility and a free “Adán y Eva” (Adam and Eve) cocktail in the homonymous bar where it was created (18:00 – 23:00 hours).