In Havana, art as a whole, all at once

In Havana,     art as a whole,     all at once

From 3 to 13 September, the Cuban capital will be the star of Habanarte, a large festival for the enjoyment of art as a whole, all at once.

This mega event is being held for the second time, with various programmes, attractively named: “La Habana de Hemingway” (Hemingway’s Havana), “La danza eterna” (The eternal dance), “Cinema Habana” (Havana cinema), “Cuba, el arte de los colores” (Cuba, the art of colours)… and featuring the finest exponents of the local culture.

The specialist tourism agency Paradiso is the official inbound travel agent for Habanarte, which will be filling late-night venues and nightclubs and theatres with Cuban flavour, museums, bookshops, the University of the Arts and other institutions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to visit Havana in full cultural swing!

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