Havana will dress in white for -Le Dîner en Blanc-

Havana will dress in white for -Le Dîner en Blanc-

One of the poshest gatherings ever created -Le Dîner en Blanc- on this edition premieres in the Caribbean dream city. Bound to happen on November 24th 2018, the good life ingredients of style, elegance and refinement typical of this gigantic picnics will inevitably weave the warp of uniqueness, magnetism and sheer beauty that this city boasts; quite simply the choice couldn’t have been better.


This “très chic” exclusive tradition where participants gain access only through a preselection process actually started in France, around 30 years ago by François Pasquier and his close friends. It always takes place in public spaces and has gathered momentum over the years putting together around 10 000 participants per event in the Paris editions.

The event was launched internationally in 2012 and has visited close to 80 cities in 30 countries with close to 120,000 participants in total around the world.

Part of the -Le Dîner en Blanc-  ethos is that the location of this ultra-secret picnic is revealed at the very last minute and participants must attend elegantly dressed in white denoting a talent for good taste in remembrance of the glamour and elegance of the French high society. It will take place in one of the many elegant public spaces that Havana has to offer. The specific site will be an enclave free of traffic and pedestrians, where people of diverse backgrounds will celebrate life’s finer things sharing gourmet meals.

-Le Dîner en Blanc- pays homage to Havana via this ideal handshake with the capital city of the pearl of the Caribbean. The combination of astonishing sensations that fill your senses and amazing locations, all wrapped up in Cuban fashion has without the slightest hint of a doubt earned Havana the right to host international group events such as this one. The city’s notoriety has surged in recent years, reaffirming its reputation as warm and welcoming, serving as a sanctuary of surprise and handsomeness. The city has laid a canvas to Channel catwalks, blockbuster Hollywood movies and Rolling Stones concert, just to name a few.