On the go with #MeliaCuba Events

On the go with #MeliaCuba Events

Meliá Hotels International Cuba this 2019 extends multiple invitations for you to come and participate in the Meliá Events calendar which caters to a wide rainbow of preferences. This calendar has consolidated itself as one of the most sought after on the island due to its fun programs, level of attendance and repeat visits, all complemented with the remarkable excellence of Meliá facilities.

Golf cup

We start off with a golfer’s dream come true, this year Meliá will host no less than two golf cups and two golf weeks all taking place at the Varadero Golf Course which is surrounded by the paradisiac Varadero beach. For starts there’s the Meliá Las Americas Golf Cup next May from the 15th up to the 18th.

The June and September golf weeks to be held from the 19th to the 26th and from the 18th to the 25th respectively will both happen in the Varadero Golf Club taking place in the only 18-hole course in the country. There will be prizes and raffles.

If for some reason you wouldn’t make it there’s always the Meliá Cuba Golf Cup in October from the 16th up to the 19th of October.

Singles Party

Whether you want to stretch your circle of friends, meet that special someone or just spend quality time with fun, likeable, interesting singles in an outstanding Caribbean scenery full of coastal beauty your place to be is the Meliá Las Antillas all-inclusive resort in Varadero either in June or September, Respective dates are from the 1st up to the 8th and from the 7th up to the 14th.

You do the math, excellent hotel + endless partying + fun games and more! What else could you ask for?

Argentinian Week

The history of the peoples of Argentina and Cuba has been sealed by destiny. The traditional Argentinean week to be held at the Sol Palmeras resort from the 17th up to the 22nd of June will once again serve as testament to the unique relationship binding these two countries. There will be music, mate drinks, tango, cocktail making among other activities, offering you the chance to witness South American culture overlooking the turquoise waters of the world famous Varadero beach.

Viva Mexico!

Meliá Cuba proudly summons you to join the fun in this 4th edition of the Mexican National Celebrations commemorating its independence taking place at the great Tryp Habana Libre hotel in the trendy and centric Vedado neighbourhood from the 12th up to the 18th of September.

As usual Aztec culture will showcase its best keeping your mind and senses aroused with a plethora of choices including cookery and cocktail tasting, traditional music, dancing and much more!


From the September the 30th up to the 5th of October Meliá Hotels International Cuba will become synonymous with all things beer as it becomes the ambassador of the Oktoberfest International Beer Festival to be hosted at the Meliá Las Antillas all-inclusive resort in beautiful Varadero!

Make sure you bring yourself and your good vibes to this, Meliá will do the rest as it has got everything you’ll need to be totally pampered. There will be beer tasting, games, special dinners, dance classes and other surprises.