The city of Cienfuegos turns 200 years old, come to this Cuban party!

The city of Cienfuegos turns 200 years old, come to this Cuban party!

In case you were doubting yourself with respect to visiting this city to the south west of Cuba which can be classified as nothing less than a piece of jewellery the time is now! According to an article by American newspaper, The Boston Globe the city of Cienfuegos should be at the top of Cuban cities to visit, regarding it as evocative.

As it turns 200 years old the beautiful city of Cienfuegos because of its bicentenary has embarked itself on a process of celebrations through a wide range of activities for the enjoyment of locals and foreign visitors alike, celebrating its birthday full of art and nautical activities among others.

Compared to other Cuban cities it can be considered as a baby, it is the only one on the island that was founded by French settlers, hence the French flavour depicted by its delicious architecture, exquisite urban planning, monuments, etc. All of this makes your mouth water as you adventure yourself and devour its wonders.

This important tourism destination is situated at around 260 kilometres from Havana, it also constitutes a middle point between Villa Clara and Trinidad provinces, two other very important Cuban tourism destinations. Apart from the excellent attractions, Cienfuegos has to offer, it perfectly lends itself as an excellent destination and at the same time, it’s a strategic point from which to practice multi-destination tourism.

Whether you like art or not I definitely recommend promenading along the “Muelle Real” (Royal Dock) and the “Calle Real” (Royall Street) as for the first time this city will be co-hosting the 13th Havana Biennial which is one of the more relevant art related events not only in Cuba but worldwide as well.

There will be 5 local artists presenting the “Mar adentro” public art project around the bay of Cienfuegos which are Adrián Rumbaut, Camilo Villalvilla, Osmany Caro, Pavel Miguel Jiménez, and ALBOR architects.

Renowned visual arts artist and prolific creator Adrián Rumbaut inaugurates his “Ecos al paso” (echoing steps) proposal. It consists of drawings resembling piano keys on top of sort of a dock illustrating the infinite journey that music can take us through while cleansing our minds, souls and spirits. Besides, musician Luis Orlando Rodríguez complements this creation interpreting a self-authored music piece inspired by Rumbaut’s art creation.

Villalvilla presents the “Aguas profundas” (deep waters) idea based on a swimming pool’s track formed by plastic hoses and buoys. In this case instead of having the normal pool set up they are joined in a circular structure floating in the bay feeding our thoughts and emotions making us reflect on why sometimes we find ourselves in life’s vicious circles whether sought or unsought without being able to free ourselves from them.

On the other hand, Caro presents us something called named “Mira-mar”, a play of words meaning “look at the sea”, which are two tractors like pneumatic tires in form of spectacles facing the enormity and vastness of the sea, perhaps suggesting the so many things that humans need to explore not only on the outside world but in the form of soul searching as well.

“Tres esencias”, the exhibit by Albor Architects pays homage and synthesises the special essences of Cuban architecture traditional intended to emphasise its uniqueness. Its mind opening effect teaches us and delivers reasons as to why the houses in which we as Cubans live nowadays are built and designed in a certain way.

Jiménez’s proposition, “No te duermas en los laureles”[1] (do not fall asleep on the laurels) comprises hammocks made with sort of fishing nets. This furniture is universally used for sleeping and relaxing which can be construed as letting everything go and forgetting about the world. This art sample warns the audience on the dangers of an irresponsible and excessive forgetfulness or immobility toward life itself and life’s matters as progress may be trapped in the net of imposed or self-imposed obstacles and negativity, forever imprisoning the hero that lies in all of us.

On the other side if you like sports you’ll be in paradise as the “Festimar” festival at the gorgeous bay of Jagua will occur on days 18, 19, 20, and 21 of April honouring the city of Cienfuegos, but specially paying tribute to its bay which since its inception by the early French settlers has become an inexorable ingredient in the daily lives of its inhabitants as it is embedded in their genes.

This nautical engagement involves a colloquium named “Friends of the sea” and it includes trips around the bay, boat races, kayak marathons, canoe marathons, nautical parades, swimming, shows and award ceremonies of course.

To top it up in exquisite style there will be music concerts at night; make sure you lookout for the anthological Cuban music group Synthesis will perform.


[1]This a frequently used proverb in Cuban jargon that literally means: get to work and stop being lazy regarding something that needs or should be done with relative urgency.