7 irresistible experiences to live at three Meliá hotels in 500-year-old Havana!

7 irresistible experiences to live at three Meliá hotels in 500-year-old Havana!

Travelling is nothing new, going on vacation to the Caribbean and visiting white sand beaches isn’t new either, but having the chance to witness a city widely known for its famous declared world heritage sites, its blazing architecture and robust cultural offers turn 500 years old is an offer you can’t refuse. These attributes have rightly so earned her the slogan of “Cultural capital of the Caribbean”.

In the midst of all the celebrations taking place in the Cuban capital throughout this year Meliá is more than pleased to present you with 7 uniquely Cuban experiences at three of its hotels in the city that never sleeps.

The level of authenticity, delicious ambience and potent Cuban vibe injected into your body when you take part in any of these 7 marvellous journeys effortlessly and inevitably make you come to the realisation that you’re in Cuba. They say that many destinations may give you many things, but there are things that only Meliá and Cuba can give you.

Without further ado, here are 7 experiences to live through in Havana by the hand of Meliá:

First we start with the widely referenced modern Meliá Cohiba hotel that invites you to indulge in special pleasures, here you can:

  1. Enjoy cigar, rum and café pairing

Step inside the -Casa de Habanos- (cigar house) and become an artist as you learn the tricks of the trade of the art of mixing cigars, café and 7 year aged rum in your palate. As you submerge yourself into this subculture you’ll be led by a sommelier and you’ll have the chance to appreciate cigar making.

  1. Dance to the rhythm

If you haven’t done so before this is your chance to let loose, shake your hips and move every inch of your body as you dance to the rhythm salsa accompanied by a dance teacher. This takes place at the Habana Café party hall, two drinks included.

  1. Have a go at Gastronomy

The time has come to provoke your taste buds and arouse your senses with something out of the ordinary. The MED restaurant offers a special 500th anniversary menu in honour of the city where you can delight in a variety of flavours and colours of Cuban and Mediterranean cuisine.

The great Meliá Habana hotel rooted in tradition but coated in modernity and functionality will dip you into Cuba’s essence as you:

  1. Taste Rum and cigar

 Allow yourself to get lost as you admire blissful views from one of the best terraces in Havana as you aspirate the soothing taste of an exquisite cigar and later paint the walls of your mouth with fantastic rum. This carefully crafted spell is meant to enamour your senses, wrapping your whole body as your consciousness flies away.

5.       Indulge in Traditional Cuban cuisine

The -La Bella Cubana- restaurant summons you to take unrestrained pleasure that only the evolution over the course of centuries of the mix of Spanish and African cuisines can deliver. The character, colouring and gracefulness by which Cubans are known for around the world is also perceivable through their culinary arts. I assure you that devouring this cuisine is something for which your sensorial memory will be eternally grateful.

The imposing and classic architecture of the Tryp Habana Libre hotel also has something in store, it boasts authenticity, local chronicles and eye-popping views, here you can:

6.       Take a historical-patrimonial tour and taste the Adam and Eve cocktail.

Come visit the Castellana Suite, which is linked to the foundation of the hotel and beginnings of the Revolution, here you’ll be able to witness first hand why this hotel is so close to the hearts of locals and Cubans in general, as it throws you back to the early years of the Revolution when it served as its headquarters.

The tour also takes you around the hotel where you can admire the richness, particularity and liveliness of Cuban art as you look at portraits of prominent Cuban artists such as René Portocarrero, Alfredo Sosabravo and Amelia Peláez.

To top it all and last but no least you’ll be invited to enjoy a 2003 Seville World Cocktail Championship winner, the popular Adam and Eve cocktail invented precisely in this hotel.

7.       Feel invited to the “Havana 500” special dinner

Come and explore the flavours of Cuban cuisine in one of the tallest restaurants in the city up high on the hotel’s top floor. The Sierra Maestra restaurant this year has put together a special menu dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Havana, which you can enjoy in an aura of refinement, coupled with astonishing views of the city and the sea.