Discovering the center of Cuba: Sailing on Cienfuegos Bay

Discovering the center of Cuba: Sailing on Cienfuegos Bay

It is impossible to be in Cienfuegos, one of the most beautiful of Cuba holiday destinations without feeling the urge to navigate its beautiful pocket bay. Any day will be perfect for it since in this central territory rainy days are as rare as ugliness and disdain.

There are several ways to try this out but if it’s your first time, the regular excursion might work as a good induction program for Cuba travel enthusiasts without sailing experience. It was the third tour I signed in for when I first arrived to this magnificent land, founded a few centuries ago by French immigrants.

Palacio Azul (Blue Palace)

With many variations such as different pick up places, cocktails and lunch menus, all tours offered by local providers will converge in a common place, Cienfuegos Marina and Nautical Centre, where a catamaran will be set with a very interesting course featuring the local pocket bay and neighbouring cays.

Catamarans on Cienfuegos Bay

The experience is totally worthy. For me it was like living two different Cienfuegos, that of the French architecture and historical trademark and the other of the breeze indulging waterfront, venue of regattas, cruising and life on board.

The Pearl of the South like many people call it is one of the most unique holiday destinations in Cuba with room for the most demanding travellers. Blessed with pieces of the island’s natural heritage such its botanical garden and hidden treasures the Escambray Mountains, in this land nature can be spotted in depth. A bumpy road will lead active tourists to the Topes de Collantes country resort and whereabouts, unveiling stunning waterfalls such as El Nicho and Caburni. At Guajimico, mysterious trails originating on the sea will lead to new bird habitats and unexplored land and sea caverns. Beaches of Playa Ingles and Rancho Luna as well as the soothing mineral waters of Ciego Montero spa will provide relaxing refreshment to the body and senses.

Downtown Cienfuegos

A city of remarkable patrimonial constructions, it exhibits a very well preserved historical area declared World Heritage by UNESCO, in which constructions of diverse styles harmoniously stand out making it a necessary stop of visitors taking part in cultural holidays in Cuba.

However sea junkies won’t fall for all those side wonders until having spent a day boating across the memorable harbour. Open bar, music and sea food lunch won’t be absent of any of the tours which vary on duration, usually ranging from four to eight hours.

In some cases they can be followed by a free ticket to a pet show at Cienfuegos’ dolphin aquarium. But that folks, as good as it sounds, is material for another story.