Crucero del Sol: An all-inclusive maritime adventure

Crucero del Sol: An all-inclusive maritime adventure

Picture this… a catamaran picks you up just outside your hotel, you make various stops out at sea, with time for a dip or a bit of snorkelling in an coral area, exploring the underwater life of the Caribbean. As you sail along, you can gaze at the scenery, with the sea and nature as the key protagonists.

When you reach an enclosed area in the middle of the sea, it’s now time to get into the water to interact with the dolphins! As they are trained, they are completely tame and happy to swim with the tourists and will even allow you to hold on to one of their fins or swim alongside them. The classic photo of the kiss is a must!

The next stop is Cayo Blanco, an islet with lush vegetation and a stunning beach. The ideal spot for a quiet dip as well as snorkelling and other water sports with equipment provided by the crew of the catamaran. A truly enjoyable experience, in perfectly clear waters, full of a wide range of fish. The environment is completely unspoiled and provides a haven for certain species such as the Cuban iguana and various birds. It is also home to certain endangered species of fish and coral reefs.

A typical lunch will be waiting for you when you disembark. A buffet with salads, fish, chicken and other delights, including extra fresh lobster. After a lovely dip and a siesta in the shade of a palm tree, you head back. The return journey is thoroughly enjoyable, with a free bar, various games and entertainment options on board the catamaran and, of course, Cuban salsa playing on the deck for those who feel like dancing.

You can’t visit Varadero without going on this All Inclusive maritime adventure…

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