Cuba: the most comprehensive diving destination in the Caribbean

Cuba: the most comprehensive diving destination in the Caribbean

Caves, vertical walls, reefs, grottos, channels and cliffs… numerous ancient wrecks… corals, fish, crustaceans, shoals, sea fans, algae, sponges and molluscs… warm, clear waters… 850 km of coral reefs… One of the most unique underwater settings in the Caribbean.

Cuba is surrounded by the rich waters of the Atlantic to the north, the Caribbean Sea to the south and the Gulf of Mexico to the west. With 746 km of coastline dotted with 4, 195 keys and islets, Cuba is the most comprehensive diving destination in the Caribbean, thanks to its spectacular sea life: 1, 500 recorded marine species, more than 50 corals, 200 species of sponge, an average visibility of 30 to 40 metres, a large number of reef sharks, numerous shoals of tropical fish and an enviable average water temperature of 24º C.


The country boasts countless diving destinations, such as María la Gorda; Isla de la Juventud; Santa Lucía (one of its most popular attractions is diving with the impressive bull sharks); Cayo Largo,  Santiago de Cuba and its amazing wrecks from the Spanish-American War or the marine reserve of the archipelago of Jardines de la Reina, a tangled labyrinth of mangroves which over recent years has become one of the world’s Top Ten dives.

You’d be surprised at how many diving enthusiasts come to Cuba from all over the world to explore its sea life. There’s nowhere more thrilling than the underwater world of the Caribbean Sea.