Cabaret Turquino: A stroll through the stars

Cabaret Turquino: A stroll through the stars

You have had the good fortune to go on holiday to #Cuba. You’re in Havana, the most beautiful city in the #Caribbean with some of the best cultural offerings in the world. You want to go out and have fun. But not just anywhere. You want to know where the locals get together, where they listen to authentic music, where the real action happens in this capital.

Suddenly a cocotaxi passes by and you ask the driver where you can go… without thinking about it twice, he’ll take you to the most famous street in Havana: 23 y M. You stop for a moment when you arrive and look around you… the huge Coppelia ice-cream parlour, the famous Yara cinema, you can see the Malecón and La Rampa further along… you’re not sure where to go. There’s so much to discover! And right in front of you stands an emblematic building full of lights, people and life.

You just have to go in. You take the lift up to the 25th floor where the music hits you. You follow the aroma of a Cohiba cigar and reach a table where you are welcomed with a Mojito that tastes glorious. The best you’ve ever had in your life! A band is playing and singing a salsa and son rhythm… and at that moment the ceiling opens and you find yourself under a blanket of stars. Have you died? Have you gone to heaven? No… you’re in the Cabaret Turquino of the Tryp Habana Libre… Your new life has just begun…



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