Singles Party with Meliá Cuba: A week of sun, sand and lots of fun

Singles Party with Meliá Cuba: A week of sun,     sand and lots of fun

Being single used to mean being alone, with no partner and, after a certain age, losing the ability and skills to form relationships. Nowadays, both the term and society has evolved and single men and women rule in the relationships market, leading a lifestyle to shake the old conservative values. Today’s singles enjoy their freedom and the world, they manage their finances and spend their time however they like: they study, they look after themselves, they enjoy meeting up with friends and they travel and go partying.

Is there anywhere that you can combine all of this? Luckily, the answer is yes. #MeliaCuba holds one of the best and most popular singles parties every year in Cuba. A whole week of fun on the spectacular beach of Varadero, designed for making new friends in a pleasant, creative and good-humoured setting.

From 6 to 13 June, the hotel Meliá Las Américas All Inclusive Golf & Bungalows will become the perfect host for this event. The varied programme includes Caribbean dance sessions, rum-drinking games, beach parties hosted by a DJ, body painting contest and beach sculptures, cocktail-making classes, beauty contest, candlelit dinners, laughter therapy and much more. You can also win prizes ranging from bottles of rum to a free wedding ceremony. Don’t miss it!

Here is the full programme:





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