#WorkFromCubaWithMeliá: make of a hotel, your new remote office!

#WorkFromCubaWithMeliá: make of a hotel, your new remote office!

This pandemic has changed us all. Whether we like or not, life as we know it, is transforming, and, “hey, that’s not necessarily a bad outcome”.

Let’s take the labor sector as an example. Even when in some industries the number of remote workers have increased in recent years, forced lockdowns have sped up the swift for some sectors in the past few months. Telecommuting is the new normal, and can be even enjoyable if the “right office environments” are set up at home.

What if there’s a chance to improve the experience in an alternative location? Working from a tropical beach while enjoying the perks of an all-inclusive resort might sound like the ideal office to many.

In-room office

Meliá Hotels International gives you the opportunity to have that in Cuba, one of the safest destinations on earth, which has succeeded on containing the spread of COVID nationwide and is currently on trial phase of a very promising vaccine.

With the initiative #WorkFromCubaWithMelia, hotels become unusual but adventurous offices, enabling guests to perform professional tasks in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. But, what does this mean?

Putting it simple, it’s all about being happy and safe at work. A new concept where you get to produce value to your employers, admiring the looks of a historical city or being caressed by a tropical breeze.

It would be like having many offices at the same time. The typical in-room one, with wonderful views of the sea or the city, a co-working space, designed as a large room where you can interact with people that have chosen your same lifestyle, the coffee bureau, to accompany a work session with a fair amount of coffee or tea, a splashy desk by the pool or an umbrella-ceiling office at the beach to get productive and tan at one go.

The benefits of this new way of laboring remotely at Meliá hotels in Cuba include 24 hours high quality broadband Internet connection and tech support, hotel or apartment accommodation, professional settings adapted to the “work your way” concept, special discounts for long stays and extra services, such as the hire of private function rooms and a laundry service.

Co-working spaces

Meliá Habana and Meliá Varadero, Meliá International Varadero and Meliá Marina Varadero Apartments will be hotels ready to welcome teleworkers with all the guarantees of the “Stay Safe with Meliá” program and safety certification of Ministries of Tourism and Health of the island.


Who said work and pleasure don’t match? At Meliá Cuba they certainly do!