5 reasons you should not miss visiting Cuba!

5 reasons you should not miss visiting Cuba!

Cuba is a marvelous mixture of culture, history, music, poetry, adventure and passion. Here we give you five reasons why you should not miss visiting.

Its beaches:

Its coast, the longest in the Antilles with 5746 km, offers sun-worshipers roughly 300 natural beaches with turquoise waters and fine white sand, and you can enjoy it throughout the whole year thanks to its eternal summer climate. From the famous Varadero Beach, of 22 km in length, to Pilar Beach at Ernest Hemingway. Cayo Largo is another one of spots that will surprise you thanks to its unspoiled landscape, and few Caribbean locations can compete with the beauty of its deep-sea habitats, and what is there to say about Cayo Santa María, a perfect natural paradise for whoever loves nature in its greatest splendor.

Its culture:

A beautiful, ever-changing island, which unfolds in dance, music, drama, literature, cinema and visual arts, not to mention the joy of its people.  The magic of Cuban cities with architectural diversity (Colonial, pre-Baroque, up to the post-Modern movement, fortresses over the sea….). Its history and its culture, its ancestral and colorful cities such as Santiago or Trinidad, Cienfuegos or Remedios with the mausoleum to Che Guevara, are an enriching journey to the past, where each stone and each piece of furniture have a story to tell, not to mention all the new creators and artists that have been emerging. A great cultural heritage that will be a very pleasant surprise to all visitors.

Its music

It is music that without any doubt has most influenced the personality of Cuban natives; from traditional dances such as “el danzón, ” “la conga, ” “el chachachá, ” “el mambo” and “la salsa, ” which are famous throughout the world, to iconic musical groups and artists such as the Van Van, La Charanga Habanarera, Compay Segundo, Omara Portuondo , Descemer Bueno or X Alfonso. You can enjoy everything from a show such as Cabaret Tropicana to dancing any other these Cuban dances at “Casa de la Música, ” going to a play, visitong the Ballet school, or combining the pleasure of enjoying a mojito with art exhibitions at the Cuban Art Factory; all these activities are within arm’s reach for any visitor.

Fine dining, and not only Creole….

Fine dining in Cuba has undergone a great development, both in variety and in diversity.

Typical Creole cuisine is a fusion of Taino and indigenous customs with Spanish, Caribbean and African cuisine. Some of its typical dishes: Congrí, consisting of colored beans, pork, “chicharrones” (fried pork rinds), bacon and rice; “Moors and Christians” (white rice with stuffed black beans); piglet is served baked or fried; yucca with “mojo” sauce: yucca prepared with a sauce made of oil, garlic, salt and pepper and lemon; “Ropa Vieja” beef with vegetables; “tostones” pieces of green plantain crushed and fried; tamale in a stew with shellfish: this is a stew of tamale and shellfish with rather spicy sauce. The current “boom” of the “paladares” or private restaurants has permitted culinary innovation and mixture, in which you can find everything from Asian to Mediterranean, Russian or different specialties that will surprise the tourist’s palate.

The sea, scuba diving and other water sports.

Cuba is bathed in the rich waters deriving from the Atlantic to the north, the Caribbean to the south and the Gulf of Mexico to the west. With 746 km of shoreline surrounded by 4195 bays and islands, Cuba is the most complete scuba diving destination in the Caribbean, thanks to its magnificent marine habitats: 1, 500 registered marine species, more than 50 corrals, 200 species of sponges, an average visibility of between 30 and 40 meters, a great quantity of reef sharks, numerous schools of tropical fish and an enviable average water temperature of 24º C. Without a doubt one of the most singular sub-aquatic settings in the Caribbean. The ideal environment for lovers of water sports, including sailing, diving, jet skiing, water skiing and much more. TIPS: in the three Paradisus Resorts in Cuba there is an unlimited offering of diving with dives every day.

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Playa Pilar CG__DSC3062

Habana Vieja: ciudad en movimiento. Foto: Ladyrene Pérez/Cubadebate.