#CubaEmotions: Enjoy the summer & drink a Cuban cocktail

#CubaEmotions: Enjoy the summer & drink a Cuban cocktail

By Ariel Causa

Ahh! Summer in Havana… a whole season living in the fringe of reality. The heated atmosphere dilates like convex lens refusing to provide a true picture of reality. Anything can happen and disbelief has been abolished.

Crossing the crispy toasted cobblestones paving old town Havana, we end the day under a shower. The night begins and with it, that longing of our heart. That steam coming out of our pores, the shirt sticks slightly to the skin of your back and you are not able to stop your feet, to prevent them from escaping the air-conditioned bedroom, out, away. You could use a drink.

For this kind of magical evenings, we recommend 3 classics Cuban cocktails, fresh, strong, an icy breath on your palate, a fire storm sliding down your throat. Like that liberating moment, when you crossed the threshold looking for adventure.

First: Havana Special. A gastronomic experience can only be as good as the ingredients used on it, so, since I am going to be your advisor in the quest, I recommend an aged rum such as Cubay Añejo, Havana Club Añejo Especial or Santiago Añejo.

Havana Special
Havana Special

A relevant part of the pleasure coming from having a cocktail is to witness its preparation process. There’s this mystical bond between the barman and the client awaiting with bated breath the climax of this magician’s act of sleight. During those brief moments the universe shrinks to that combination of ingredients. The pleasure coming from that can only be surpassed by the act of making the cocktail yourself.

cast 45 ml rum 45 ml pineapple juice and 5 ml maraschino liqueur in a shaker glass. Add 180 g of ice and beat for 30 s. Strain and pour into a martini glass, decorate the set with a piece of pineapple.

Second: Cuba Libre. To make a Cuba Libre is easy. To make a killer Cuba Libre…

Use again aged rum and my advice to you is the same. Use a tall glass, it must be cold, to place a few stones of ice on it. Pour 50 ml of rum and a soupspoon of lemon juice. Fill the rest of the glass with coke.

Cuba Libre

And will you take another piece of advice? Tonight we’re adventurers. Don’t use cola light; let’s get the local versions with its cinnamon scent and its sugar overdose.

Third: Mojito. Mix a couple of teaspoons of White sugar with lemon juice. Add and macerate a twig of spearmint. Pour 50 ml of white rum, Habana Club 3 años, Silver Dry Mulata and Legendario Dorado are recommended. Complete the glass with carbonated water and ice.

Mojito y Cuba Libre

Tonight we ride, mate. In Bar Siboney of  Tryp Habana Libre, the barman proposes a high end classic style Mojito. Just across the street, beyond the doors of City and adventure, there’s another bar, named Waoo!, offering a most daring, bolder variant. Just what we need. Follow me.