Havana, an enchanting city

Havana,     an enchanting city

Havana , the capital of Cuba, is the largest city in the Caribbean and an urban hub with some of the best cultural offerings in the world

It’s a true delight to explore. The beauty of its architecture, its buildings and the treasures of its museums beckon you in from the street.

Named as one of the seven Urban Wonders of the World, Havana is worthy of this accolade and many others received since its foundation 496 years ago this month.

Its essence lies in its wonderful mix of people, mainly of Hispanic and African origin, but also many others, some of which are Chinese, Haitian, German, French and Jewish.

The city boasts some of the world’s top ballet schools and dance companies, and its theatre community is unrivalled in the Caribbean. Music and dance is everywhere; improvised dancing in the street, rumbas spontaneously performed at the entrance to a mansion block in Old Havana, the world’s largest ‘ruedas de casino’ (Cuban salsa wheels), but there are also endless places offering a unique, quiet and romantic atmosphere. With its tales of romantic trysts and separations, of praise and proclamations, Havana continues to burst with emotion and exude a bohemian air, perfect for those in the mood for love.

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