#TheCubanWay: 7 reasons to travel to Cuba in 2017

#TheCubanWay: 7 reasons to travel to Cuba in 2017

New year means new goals and with new goals come- just to mention a few- affairs, good company, better choices, exciting books, motivating to do’s, bigger dreams and last but not least proper destinations. This brand new year waits for you in sunny Cuba: culture, music, dance, beautiful authentic people, group activities and as usually great resorts to spend holidays. With Meliá Cuba, your time traveling will be the best time ever! Here are 7 reasons to visit Cuba in 2017.

XXVI International Book Fair  

Literature lovers have the privilege on February (9th to 19th) to enjoy the historic fortress San Carlos de la Cabaña in Havana ornamented with book sales, author’s presentations, live books reviews and a great variety of activities all related with literature. This year, Canada has been named as invited honor country. This event is definitely one of my favorites: Enjoying a succulent book while watching the beautiful city from the other side of the bay…hmm, I can almost feel it!


XXIV Romerías de Mayo International Festival

Generational encounters, topics related to regional cultures, the vanguard of young art, modernity and tradition, artists and intellectual performances take place every year on May in enigmatic Holguín, turning the city into the capital of Young Art. This festival brings along a beautiful religious tradition, involving a pilgrimage. From 2nd to 8th of May the most representative of national and international culture plus new projects are waiting to be discovered.

Romerías de Mayo
Romerías de Mayo

International Salsa Dancers Festival ‘’Varadero Baila’’

This festival takes place from 7th to 11th July in the ‘’ever blue’’ Varadero. It Includes salsa workshops and Mambo, Chachacha , Rumba and Son lessons (optional) given by prestigious teachers of the Cuba Superior School of Art.

Festival Jazz Plaza 2017 

This is such a cool event happening on December 2017 (14th to 17th) in Havana. The attendance of important representatives has turned this festival into one of the greatest exhibitions of Latin Jazz or Cuban Jazz in the world. If you are feeling like ‘’swinging’’ this is definitely one of the many reasons to travel here!

Chill + out = Melia Cuba Resorts

Good hotels are always on the top 5 reasons to travel to Cuba. The truth is nothing compares with the ‘’Caribbeaness’’ Melia Cuba Resorts provide. This time I would like to recommend Adults-Only Experiences with their features. More relaxing days with lower volume of music and maybe crazier nights with great tunes at the disco or just powerful melodies with a glass of wine, for example. Similar scenarios are to be enjoyed in resorts like Paradisus Princesa del Mar in Varadero, Meliá Cayo Coco in the beautiful key, Paradisus Río de Oro in Holguin, among others. Are you up for a little shot of Cuba?

Meliá Cayo Coco,     Jardines del Rey
Meliá Cayo Coco, Jardines del Rey

Mama, papa, grandma’, grandpa’, big brother, the little one…

You are all welcome!! Family Concierge at Paradisus Varadero is a great deal for the whole family, with bigger rooms, specially designed menus for kids, private pools, playgrounds, menus for families, especial shows and activities conceived for groups.  A Royal Service experience for everyone. As good as it sounds!! 

Family Concierge Paradisus Varadero
Family Concierge Paradisus Varadero

The beauty of Cuban people

I cannot possibly say enough about this topic but I think including the beauty of the people as one of the main reasons to visit Cuba, already says plenty. The way Cuban people live, their history, what makes them who they are – who we are-, the security they will undoubtedly infuse into the traveler makes this Island –among many other highlights- unique on Earth.

Do you know the meaning of It’s time for Cuba? Entirely rhetorical question, I believe. The veracity of the expression relies on the visitor, on you. You make Cuba unique on its time. Don’t let it change this year. Be willing to be captivated by its undeniable charm and it will remain glorious and expectant before your find.