#TimeForCuba: The destination of the moment

#TimeForCuba: The destination of the moment

Cuba… How often have you heard about this Caribbean Island lately? Since the historical renewal of relations between Cuba and the United States, numerous celebrities have been coming to visit: from Paris Hilton taking selfies at the Tryp Habana Libre hotel, Rihanna cruising in a pink vintage convertible, Sergio Ramos playing football on the street with the local children and Conan O´Brien filming his famous show, to Mick Jagger, Katy Perry, Usher, Ludacris, star athletes from all sports, prominent politicians and entrepreneurs and even the designer Karl Lagerfeld, who recently announced the staging of a Chanel show here next May. No one wants to be left behind or to miss out on feeling, savouring, being part of and experiencing the charms of the destination of the moment, before it all changes.

Cuba is so much more than cigars, rum and salsa. This crocodile-shaped archipelago boasts one of the richest histories in the Caribbean, with deep Afro-Hispanic roots, making it a unique multicultural nation. Public safety, the renowned hospitality of the locals and a wide range of accommodation, with 62, 000 rooms in 334 hotels distributed throughout its 15+ tourist destinations, are just some of the attractions that are making the largest of the Antilles increasingly popular, exclusive and costly, and so the time to visit Cuba is now!

Meliá Hotels International is the hotel chain with the most experience in the country, with more than 25 years’ presence and 27 hotels in its portfolio, ranging from stylish urban hotels with exclusive services to All Inclusive resorts located in idyllic spots to suit all tastes and requirements. Let us guide you on what could be the best experience of your life, as you discover a new way of enjoying your holiday to the full.

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