On this 5th of June, Meliá Cuba is proud to share its outstanding environmental achievements

On this 5th of June, Meliá Cuba is proud to share its outstanding environmental achievements

The upcoming 5th of June is a date which celebrates the World Environment Day, on a worldwide scale it constitutes a motive for the awakening of the collective consciousness towards the caring of the environment. In the case of Meliá, this important date sheds light on the company’s longstanding, profound commitments to the preservation of our natural surroundings.

The philosophy behind Meliá’s achievements is that we all travel on the one and only, contaminated precious spaceship. It is this sense of purpose what propels it to push the limits of what can be done in the hotel sector to coexist with the environment.


Cuba is known all over the world for possessing some of the best beaches on earth, some of which are practically in a virgin like state in its keys. If you join that with the amazing mountain ranges that shelter treasure like waterfalls, creeks, natural pools and rivers, the enchanting rural landscapes in quaint locations along with the vast patrimony and the fantastic culture you’ll get a no brainer non-stop ticket to “The Soul of Cuba”.

When you sum up and multiply all the marvellous yet in a lot of cases unexplored locations from east to west of this colourful land, blessed by the gods it’s easy to understand why Meliá continuous to entrench its effort to preserve the God-given attributes of “The most beautiful land human eyes had ever seen”, according to Columbus.

These efforts become palpable for example in the case of the Sol Palmeras: All Inclusive 4 star resort recommended for families, golf, honeymoons and groups, strategically placed facing the sea in Varadero. This spectacular hotel and bungalows complex earned the 2018 Environmental Guarantee Award by the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA).

Another important exponent is the Sol Río de Luna y Mares All Inclusive 4 star, resort recommended for families, weddings, honeymoons and groups. It is located by the sea in the mind bottling Playa Esmeralda beach up north in the Holguín province seaboard to the east of the island, precisely on the spot where the greenery of the forest collides with the marine blue creating a dazzling alliance. It is hotel complex characterised by vast gardens and ample services and attractions.

Thanks to the its efforts deployed in favour of preserving natural resources this hotel won the 2018 Provincial Environment Award handed out by (CITMA).

The classic Meliá Las Americas All Inclusive 5 star resort, also known as “The home of golfers” due to the number of golf championships it hosts along the year, was awarded the 2019 Environmental Star by (CITMA) and it has been conceived for over 18 adults and placed on the first shoreline in beautiful Varadero very close to the Conventions Centre in the Plaza América.

It is fair to say that it is the only hotel in the area with direct access to the Varadero Golf Club. The European Golf Professionals Association has recommended it and it is ideal for couples, golf, weddings, honeymoons and incentive travel.

Last, but not least Meliá has the recently unveiled Paradisus Los Cayos hotel, an exceptional modern Eco resort Ultra All Inclusive situated up in the lovely northern central coast of Cuba. Its exquisite design and architecture has been conceived with the utmost care of Mother Nature as it harmonises with the coastal landscape easily blending in with the plentiful vegetation and natural surroundings representing yet another stair in Meliá’s increasing compromise with the environment.