Safer Vacations with #MeliaCuba: a detailed guide!

Safer Vacations with #MeliaCuba: a detailed guide!

The wellbeing of our guests is always a top priority for Meliá Cuba. This is the reason why, we have established safety protocols covering all operational areas of the hotel, including those who are not visible to clients. Find here a detailed list of measures:

Main Entrance

  1. Increase in the cleaning and sanitizing areas of main entrance, including exterior furniture and access doors.
  2. Sanitization of vehicles and suitcases upon arrival.
  3. Doors will remain open to avoid hand contact of clients and staff.
  4. Use of disinfectant mats and hand sanitizers at the entrance.
  5. Certified protection means for contact staff during working hours.

Front Desk

  1. Measures to reduce hand contact (digitalization of processes, screens, boxes to deposit objects, key disinfection, etc.)
  2. Implementation of new cleaning and disinfection protocols at front desk, counters, floors, baggage room and other surfaces.
  3. Hand- sanitizing stations available for guests and staff.
  4. Safety distance marks on the floor.
  5. Front desk staff will always use protection means on working hours (face masks, sanitizing solution, etc.) preserving safety distance between working stations.
  6. Hotel useful information will be presented on digital devices to avoid physical contact with printed leaflets.


  1. Reinforcement of cleaning process by use of specific substances to clean and disinfect rooms and particularly its contact critical points (entrance door, doorknobs, switchers, telephones, coffee makers, minibars, remotes, curtains, amenities, etc.).
  2. Room service menus and hotel or destination useful information will be available on digital screens.
  3. Minibars will be refilled at the time of room cleaning.
  4. Decoration will be transformed to avoid or minimize contact with surfaces.
  5. Cleaning and disinfection of ventilation systems will be reinforced.
  6. Once cleaned, each room will be identified with the seal “Stay Safe with Melia”.
  7. The time when rooms are not occupied (between exit and entrance of new clients) will be extended, to guarantee a correct sanitization of the area.

Food and Beverages 

  1. Restaurant capacity will be reduced to maintain physical distance.
  2. Increase in service area cleaning and disinfection including surfaces.
  3. Sanitizing solution dispensers will be available for
  4. Furniture will be arranged to keep physical distance.
  5. Staff will always use protection means on working hours (face masks, sanitizing solution, gloves, etc.).
  6. Decoration elements subjected to possible handling by clients will be eliminated.
  7. Disposable single-use or digital menus (information on screens or downloadable formats) will be used to avoid hand contact.
  8. Self-service at buffet restaurants will be reduced by introducing attendant-served meals with on-demand or á la carte food at the cold and hot areas of buffets.
  9. Á la carte or specialty restaurants will only serve meals upon reservations.
  10. Grab-and-go service will be implemented.
  11. Attendant – served food stations and cooking facilities will be placed in open areas.
  12. Room service will be delivered at the door avoiding entering guestrooms.

Swimming Pools

  1. Seating and use of furniture will be configured to keep safety distance.
  2. Establishment of stringent cleaning and sanitizing protocols at the pool area and particularly, its critical points (hammocks, chairs and tables, floors, showers, benches, umbrellas, lifeguards´ stations, ashtrays and waste baskets, etc.
  3. The process of water treatment will be reinforced.
  4. Measures will be implemented at Club Houses, to guarantee minimal hand contact at towel changing.

Activities and Entertainment

  1. Entertainment for children will be organized at open spaces and through a program that guarantees safety distance by avoiding physical contact and objects exchange.
  2. Increase of rigorous cleaning and disinfection of the entertainment zone and its critical points.
  3. Entertainment staff will use certified protection means at all times, besides implementing hand washing and sanitizing as a routine at the beginning and the end of every activity.
  4. Activities in the open will be favored and formats will be adjusted to allow appropriate physical distancing.


  1. Hand sanitizing stations will be available to clients.
  2. Increase in deep cleaning and sanitizing of gym areas and contact surfaces (equipment, doors, implements and waiting areas).
  3. Limited capacity to secure the 2-meter physical distance.
  4. Water dispenser will be eliminated encouraging clients to carry their own drinking liquids.


  1. Spa services will be reduced to adequate to “new normalcy” and will only be available upon reservation.
  2. Already-rigorous cleaning and sanitizing processes at the spa will be reinforced, particularly at its critical points (entrance doors, banisters, showers, changing cabins, massage beds, etc.)
  3. Capacity will be recalculated at every area to guarantee safety distance (swimming pools, hydrothermal circuits, etc.)
  4. Spa staff will always wear protection means.

Meeting and Events

  1. Meeting rooms and alternative locations for groups will be cleaned and sanitized as per our new protocols.
  2. Appropriate signage will be installed to guarantee groups circulation, providing a safety distance between them and other guests by using digital screens, safety distance marks on the floor and separators.
  3. Useful health information and sanitizing solution dispensers will always be available.
  4. New minimum capacities will be established and furniture will be arranged at common areas to guarantee safety distance.
  5. New hygiene protocols with action viricide substances will be applied to surfaces and air- conditioning Disinfectant mats will be placed at every entrance.
  6. New formats will be available with bottled water and individual frequently-used objects, as well as sustainable-material made stationary upon request.
  7. Sanitizing stations will be placed at the entrance of meeting rooms, common areas and toilettes.
  8. Meals, coffee breaks and attendant-served buffets for groups will be held at private and reserved areas of restaurants.
  9. Go-and-grab facilities not only from group menus, but also from á la carte restaurants will be installed.
  10. Self-service will be discouraged by using single-use alternatives (individual serving or rations), thus avoiding food handling.
  11. Attendant-served food stations and cooking facilities will be placed in open areas.


  1. Limited capacity to keep safety distance.
  2. Cleaning and disinfection of floors, hotel lobbies, handrails and banisters, button panels and external doors, as well as other contact surfaces.
  3. Hand- sanitizing stations available for guests.

Common areas 

  1. Access to toilettes will be supervised to reduce capacity.
  2. Increase in the cleaning and sanitizing of toilettes surfaces, including doors, dispensers, paper waste baskets, hand dryers and baby diaper boards.
  3. Decorative elements will be reduced to avoid or minimize contact surfaces, and furniture at common areas will be configured to secure physical distance.

Kitchen, Storage Rooms & Suppliers

  1. Increase in the cleaning and sanitizing of kitchen and storage areas, particularly of its critical points.
  2. Sanitization of vehicles that bring supplies into the storage are area.
  3. A space for supplies sanitization before entering premises, will be allocated.
  4. Suppliers personnel entering the hotel will be subjected to the same sanitizing measures applied at the back of the house.
  5. Kitchen staff will increase hygiene measures as well as hand washing frequency.


  1. Staff will have sanitizing solutions and disinfection mats available upon arrival to the hotel.
  2. Staff will only wear their uniforms when inside the hotel.
  3. Staff will wear protection means throughout their working hours.
  4. Safety distance will always be kept between work stations, as well as between workers and guests.
  5. Human resources training will remain as a continuous process adapting to new circumstances.