Just as much in love as on the very first day? Meliá Cuba invites you to renew your vows

Just as much in love as on the very first day? Meliá Cuba invites you to renew your vows

Marriage vows are the oath taken by a couple when they marry to swear their eternal love, commitment and fidelity but these vows can also be reaffirmed or renewed on an anniversary if the couple still love each other as much as they did on their wedding day. Some couples choose to renew their vows to celebrate an anniversary, some to reaffirm their relationship following a turbulent patch in their marriage or others to finally have the wedding that they always wanted but could not afford the first time round.

Couples usually choose specific dates on which to renew their wedding vows and to swear eternal love once again. These dates relate to an anniversary and have been given a name in accordance with the number of years celebrated:

Paper Weddings: Married for 1 year

•Steel Weddings: Married for 10 years

•Crystal Weddings: Married for 15 years

•China Weddings: Married for 20 years

•Silver Weddings: Married for 25 years

•Pearl Weddings: Married for 30 years

•Coral Weddings: Married for 35 years

•Ruby Weddings: Married for 40 years

•Sapphire Weddings: Married for 45 years

•Golden Weddings: Married for 50 years

•Emerald Weddings: Married for 55 years

•Diamond Weddings: Married for 60 years

•Platinum Weddings: Married for 75 years


Renovación de votos. Blog Meliá Cuba

Another small ceremony is held to celebrate this renewal of wedding vows. This ceremony should be more intimate, with a smaller guest list consisting of family members and closest friends.

This time, the wife has no reason to wear a bride’s dress; she can simply dress smartly for the occasion. She can walk up to the altar beside her husband, their children or grandchildren and family members can deliver a reading during the ceremony.  They can also exchange their original rings again or exchange new ones.



Gazebo Paradisus Río de Oro

You can celebrate after the ceremony with a banquet or a cocktail reception in the location preferred by the couple.  At the reception, the couple can dance once again to the song that they danced to on their wedding day, use an item or accessory that they used at their wedding, among other ideas.

The Meliá Hotels in Cuba, especially the Adult Only hotels, such as Paradisus Princesa del Mar, Paradisus Río de Oro, Meliá Buenavista, Meliá las Américas, Meliá Las Antillas and Meliá Cayo Coco, have all the facilities required to accommodate the guests and hold the ceremony on the shore, in specially decorated gazebos or in other settings such as the wonderful gardens in Caribbean colours or against a beautiful sunset as the perfect backdrop.


Renovación de votos. Blog Meliá Cuba

With a programme especially designed for couples wishing to renew their vows and through the personalised attention of a wedding coordinator, the couple are given the option of the services of a notary who will legally certify the ceremony and a set of added values are also available, including:

Private check-in

Special room for Renewal of Vows

Romantic dinner for the day of the renewal of vows

Special turndown service on the night of the ceremony

Renewal of Vows special attention