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Soeur Angele, a nun that cooks like an angel!

Soeur Angele is a celebrity in Quebec. She is a very well known character for Canadian both Radio and Television ,mostly due to her development as a chef specialized in healthy food. We are talking about a nun, whose love and devotion for Cuba has already been proven several times but specially last year, when […]

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A new version of is available

It was announced during FITCuba 2017. We have launched a new version of our website,  more functional and up to date with the new trends of the digital world. In addition to the 100% responsive design , which makes it easier to navigate in different devices, the new website has a fresh design focused […]


Varadero Golf Cup: A new tournament is coming…

Next September the first edition of the Varadero Golf Cup by Melia Cuba is to be celebrated at the well-known headquarter for the purpose: that Cuban corner where sun and sunsets are combined with splendid beaches to caress visitors. This event, a new tournament of its type, will be held from 20th to 23rd September […]


Cienfuegos, an inspirational city

“Beautiful is the land of the mixes”, you write in your notebook of metaphors, that you use to collect the inspirational lines for your prose from time to time. Cienfuegos is one of those holiday destinations in Cuba with the power to captivate anyone from a first sight. You have been here many times already […]


Nine #MeliaCuba hotels where you can have free WIFI access

Recently, the hotel Meliá Habana, located in the residential area of Miramar, announced the new WIFI free service for its clients. A classic between the city and the seaa, the hotel is reference for business and events travels, its facilities offer magnificent ocean views and for those cigar lovers, it has a cigar bar, in […]

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The dolphin of Football to attempt a new world record at Melia Cohiba

Next Saturday, a new sport challenge will take place at Melia Cohiba. This time, the aquatic record holder Jhoen Lefont, the dolphin of Football will attempt a new World Guinness Record of ball control in the pool of the resort,  where he has achieved two previous records before.  The 29 years old athlete has a […]

Cena Melia Hab Cafe (5)

Habana Café, an encounter with the best of Cuban culture

Havana is definitely the capital of the Cuban music, a city where one can really get to know and become part of the great Cuban culture. In a country where we find so many ways of art, the beautiful and enigmatic city not only turns into the meeting point in which every cultural expression is […]


#AntillasBeerFest: Welcoming the OktoberFest!

The fifth Oktoberfest International Beer Festival (Antillas Beer Fest) is the last one of the series of events organized by Melia Cuba this year and will be taking place in Melia Las Antillas Resort, in Varadero. An entire week to taste brands from the best beer in the world, play and make fun along with […]


Camagüey, a colonial city in Cuba not to be missed

“There’s room for three in every bicycle” recites a famous Spanish singer describing one of the many heritage holiday destinations in Cuba. Tricycles and Bicytaxis as they are commonly named are the norm in most colonial cities where narrow and uneven streets make it difficult for cars to roll. That’s is the case of Camaguey, […]


This summer Sol Palmeras has Argentina’s style

The mixture of the Cuban and Argentinian cultures will be the perfect excuse to travel Varadero this summer in order to celebrate this year once again a week devoted to the country of Tango and Milonga. The flavor of Argentina will be present in Meliá Cuba from June 19th to 24th in Sol Palmeras resort, […]

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