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#CubaIsAwesome: 7 reasons to visit Santiago de Cuba

It all started here. Well…almost. Serving as the hinterland to Cuba’s second largest city, Santiago de Cuba province is a mountainous mix of jungle-covered peaks and ruined coffee haciendas where all roads lead to the provincial capital. The province is often cited as Cuba’s most ‘Caribbean’ enclave. With a carnival that is distinctly West Indian […]

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#TheCubanWay: 8 holiday destinations to include in your travel list

Cuba is awesome! Defying all logic, the world’s 105th-largest country is also one of its most instantly recognizable. Cuba is a mix of dynamism and intrinsic beauty. A land where contradictions are to love and happiness is always in the air despite difficulties. Let’s check 8 of its most remarkable holiday destinations. Walk with me […]

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#CubaIsAwesome: A fun night in Havana starts in #MeliaCuba

By: Ariel Causa We have casual Fridays and crossed out Wednesdays, we have sadness on the go and partial goals, we have lean streets, desperate sunsets, the  moon of the jagged suburbs and the most desperate confluence of hormones. We have birthdays, anniversaries, homages,   national celebrations and, above all, we have those occasions in […]

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