Planning to visit Santiago de Cuba? Check this 10 travel picks!

Its particular history as the former capital of the country, its distinct migration waves and the unique gracefulness of its people distinguish it from other cities in the country. The most Caribbean city in Cuba and second in size packs loads of opportunities of enjoyment for all liking! These are some of the things you […]

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Meliá Cuba is ready for #FITCuba2018

Meliá Hotels International Cuba welcomes you to the International Tourism Fair FITCuba 2018. This time the honoured country is the UK and it is dedicated to the Villa Clara keys, an impressive destination in the country ideal for sun, sand and beach holidays. As we continue to work in the biggest of the Caribbean islands […]


Get hooked with Havana: 13 must-live experiences!

Havana is that sort of city that easily lets you in but after a while, it doesn’t get out of your system no matter how hard you try. The people, the places, the sometimes surreal surroundings and everything else will make you wonder where you were after all these years. Travel enthusiasts will find in […]

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Cienfuegos, monument city

The city of Cienfuegos is an exceptional example in Spanish-American urbanism during the XIX century. Its elegant and perfect checker board like outline that extends throughout its urban perimeter constitutes an exceptional exponent of neoclassic culture. On top of the vast monumental richness of its public spaces as well as different neo style, eclectic and […]


#CubaTravel from April to June? Check the eight-whys’ list!

Rediscover Cuba and its culture through various happenings at this time of the year. Whether it’s through your taste buds, eyesight or fishing you will be delivered the core, providing you with a genuine feel of the island and its fascinating people. As follows these are excellent choices for you to choose from: ICAIC Youth […]


Meliá Events + Cuba = COME PLAY!

Still wondering what to do this 2018? Can’t decide? Well, don’t panic! Because I got what you precisely desire. This year you won’t stop smiling as Meliá takes you on a journey of heart thrilling events! Trust me, you do not want to miss out. Imagine yourself showcasing your amazing dancing skills contouring to the […]

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Five reasons why Camagüey should be included in your Cuba Travel list

It may sound recurrent but we will repeat this over and over again: “Camagüey is a must-see city in Cuba. Not just a tour stop while heading East but a truly appealing and interesting destination that deserves not one but several goes. From its winding urban plan to authentic Tinajones, or cattle raising and carnival […]


Newlywed euphoria and lust for adventure requires nothing but central and eastern CUBA!

Tropical feel at its best! Cuba is a marvel where modern creativities coexist with its resilient past creating a captivating melange stamped in iconic images such as its rolling car classics. Its people are among the friendliest all over and are permanently delighted to talk, have fun and make foreigners feel at home. In the […]

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Cienfuegos Highlights: The Castle of Jagua

The greatest of cities is their authenticity, no matter how alike two towns may be, there’ll always be distinct features to make every urban area in the world unique. That differentiation is a magnet for tourists who pursue exclusivity all over the planet. To those, we recommend Cienfuegos, a French-styled town with a bunch of […]

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