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What not to be missed on February: “Havana’s Cigar Festival”

Very few products can compete with cigars in the category of best Cuba travel souvenir for when it comes to taking a memory back home, tourists never hesitate to the idea of buying a good cigar, no matter the cost. Over the years the culture of cigar smoking has spread worldwide and with it the […]

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Cienfuegos, is “the city that I like the most”

In Cuba, art is like water, it runs everywhere. Here music, performance arts, architecture and history tell the story of the people in an everyday basis. There’s a musician, a dancer or a painter in almost every family, just as a popular saying reads “ every time you turn around thousands of artists pop up”. […]

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Havana, Iberoamerica’s cocktail capital

There are some things you wouldn’t do in Havana, like gambling for example. It was banned decades ago with the triumph of the Cuban revolution in 1959. Before that, hundreds of Americans used to hit the capital’s casinos and bars on weekends hoping to get lucky on the roulette as they enjoyed of the diverse […]

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11 places in Havana to hit on Saint Valentine’s Day

Every year, with the imminence of February, Saint Valentine revisits lovers of all latitudes. In some cities like Havana, passion is always in the air, especially on the second month of the year when mild temperatures and beautiful sunsets invite visitors and locals to unleash desire and be carried away by romanticism. It’s a local […]

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Meliá Habana on the heart of Festival Jazz Plaza 2018

One more day to go before the inauguration of the Jazz Plaza Festival in Havana and the music is already in the air. The streets fill with many culture enthusiasts who have travelled from many places of earth to witness art on its making. Theatres and clubs get ready for a battle of pianos, trumpets, […]

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Reasons why staying at #MeliaCuba hotels in 2018 will be a great idea

“New Year, new life” recites a popular saying among Cubans, meaning that no matter how hard the previous 12 months were, the beginning of January is always an opportunity to achieve new goals and dreams. For #MeliaCuba, 2018 will be a special year and not only because most hotels affected by hurricane Irma have come […]

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#MeliaCuba hotels on an award-winning streak

Every year the history repeats itself, Meliá Cuba hotels sparkle among more than 300 other accommodations in the island. Team work, commitment and expertise seem to be the formula of success for the Spanish company which started its global expansion many decades ago. During 2017, the regional division composed by 27 hotels in 8 destinations […]

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Christmas In Cuba: Two heritage festivities to take part in

The “Parrandas de Remedios” in Villa Clara and “Las Charangas de Bejucal” in Mayabeque are two of the oldest Cuban festivities that bring joy to the people of the island every year. Dances, songs, rhythms and rivalry have outlived century after century in the traditions built from these popular events, which take part around Christmas […]

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Five cities to explore from #MeliaCuba hotels

In 2018, Cuba will continue to be a cultural  destination attracting people from all over the world. With great beaches and a unique idiosyncracy, the largest island in the Caribbean is always a great a choice for those looking to relax and connect with history while on holidays. To fully enjoy the beauty of the […]

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Paradisus Resorts: to enjoy Cuba more than ever

Against all odds Cuba is back on track. Resorts and destinations have welcomed the peak tourism season with renewed spirit. Changes in some hotels are so tangible, that for some, it has been difficult to believe how fast things have returned to normal. It’s time to enjoy Cuba more than ever, that’s why we recommend […]

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