Five cities in Cuba to enjoy of the best carnivals

Five cities in Cuba to enjoy of the best carnivals

When it comes to Cuba, words like music, dancing and entertainment always may come up. Summer is actually the time of the year where most festivities take place across the island. We are talking about carnivals and events to party all night long, sometimes several days in a row. This is a summary of five Cuban cities and their greatest celebrations.


Havana  city lights up every year on August to the the beat of the best popular orchestras like Los Guaracheros de Regla, El Alacran and even the troupe of the university students, the troupe of the FEU , tour across the famous and always young Malecon offering a unique show and enhancing the tradition of so many generations. To enjoy this event , nothing better than staying in some of the nearby Melia resorts like Melia Cohiba or Tryp Havana Libre.

Havana’s Malecon a traditional carnival way


The city of Remedios is famous for its ‘’parrandas’’ but there are plenty of other festivals here. In May and June they have a Week of Culture in the main square and in June it’s the Fiesta de San Juan to commemorate the founding of Remedios with theater put on in the evenings. Of course, in December , you can always witness fireworks with the special ‘’parrandas’’ along with its dancing competitions, floats and exuberant costumes, a great deal when it comes to get to know a peculiar street party.

Parrandas de Remedios, an authentic celebration of Central Cuba


There is a great number of festivities in this city but the three-day Fiestas Sanjuaneras in the last weekend of June is the ultimate local Carnival. Rum-fuelled horsemen gallop through the streets and put on a show. The Trinidad Culture Week is during the second week in January to coincide with the city’s anniversary. The Holy Week is also important in Trinidad and on Good Friday thousands of people form a procession.


Camaguey has its own version of San Juan. This annual carnival, known as the San Juan Camagueyano is five days long, from June 24 to 29 and includes dancers, floats and African roots music. On June 29 a doll is burned to finish the party, amongst great joy and enthusiasm. Camaguey’s famous carnival comes next. Spectacular are then the “Caldosas”  Cuban soups made with pork meat and a variety of tubers that families prepare on improvisd streets stoves.

Carnival Caldosas

Santiago de Cuba

Few cities can match the variety and vivacity of Santiago de Cuba’ s annual festivals. The summer season begins with the San Juan Party celebrated with processions and conga dancing. It’s followed by Fiestas del Fuego (Fire Parties) in early July with exhibitions, song and dance from all around the Caribbean. And of course, Santiago de Cuba’s carnivals, held in the last week of July, is the hottest in Cuba with open-air grandstands erected along Garzon Avenue. You can always improve this experience with Melia Cuba if at the end of the day a great hotel like Melia Santiago is peacefully waiting for you to offer its kindness.

Santiago de Cuba, the city of fun

It is all said now. The perfect combination of excitement and relaxing journeys you find it with Melia in Cuba and this season you can amuse yourself with the many cultural options taking place here. Do not hesitate to party with us. Carnival-up your summer!