Become a Havana Ballet Citizen for 10 days!

Become a Havana Ballet Citizen for 10 days!

From the 28th of October to the 6th of November Havana will become the epicentre of all things ballet. Once more this amazing and multicolour Caribbean capital finds itself in expectation of the 26th Edition of the -Alicia Alonso- Havana International Ballet Festival which on this occasion is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the creation of the host company, the Cuban National Ballet. This ensemble was founded on the 28th of October 1948 by Cuban ballet pinnacle figures Alicia, Fernando and Alberto Alonso, hence the start date of the festival.

This event was created in 1960 and was included in the plans for the mass broadcast of the arts initiated after the revolution. Its international nature has allowed Cubans to enjoy soaring performances of prestigious world dance figures and has also showcased the high level attained by the Cuban ballet to foreign visitors.

Considered as one of the oldest of its kind on the globe it rapidly became one of the most transcendental events of the Cuban culture calendar and in the same manner it has earned a respected seat in the international dance spectrum.

The fact that the Cuban National Ballet company and the Cuban School of Ballet are firmly established and rightfully prominent all over the planet has without question contributed to the year on year success of this event.

The international art of ballet after a brewing process of what I call cubanization [1] over decades has made this art form a one of a kind. Cuban cultural traits undeniably but subtly manifest themselves through the colours, movements, bodies, shadows, gestures, glances and whirling of current world celebrated Cuban ballet dancers such as…Viengsay Valdés, Anette Delgado, Carlos Acosta and Dani Hernández.

Ballet Nacional de Cuba

One particularity this year is that it celebrates the 75 years marking the debut of Alicia Alonso, prima ballerina assoluta and current director of the Cuban National Ballet in the classic –Giselle-, which will be performed by Cuban and foreign first figures. During these priceless ten days the city enters into a trancelike state celebrating and embodying this beautiful art; virtually everyone in Havana is aware of the event and the purchase of the much cherished tickets that give you a fast track to royalty witnessing grandeur through majestic performances turns into a high priority endeavour, i.e. a feast for the eyes.

In case you’re interested in other ballet related activities you’ll have the option of attending expositions taking place in galleries throughout the capital, conferences and book presentations also occur and there will be different philatelic events such as the First Day cancelation allusive to the 70th Anniversary of the Cuban National Ballet company as well as other cancelations in remembrance of events having to do with the history of the ensemble, all running parallel to the festival.

This delightful concurrence prides itself with being the perfect stage for artistic exchange among world first-line dance figures, personalities, critics, specialists and businessmen. Also happening meanwhile a special ballet technique course for professionals, teachers and advanced students will be given.

Venues include the Great Theatre of Havana -Alicia Alonso-, the Mella Theatre, the National Theatre and the Martí Theatre. International ballet groups will also take to the scenes such as the Geneva Great Theatre Ballet, the Prague National Ballet and the Danish Dance Theatre. Prominent figures from the New York City Ballet, the American Ballet Theatre, the Miami City Ballet, the Munich Ballet, the Buenos Aires Colón Theatre Ballet and the Stars of American Ballet will perform.

[1] Appropriation of something foreign, may be material or not and making it look, sound and/or feel Cuban after transforming it by means of inoculating different aspects of Cuban culture and customs, effectively turning the original into a nuanced reality while preserving its original character, look and/or sound.