Tryp Habana Libre in the center of Havana World Music Festival

Tryp Habana Libre in the center of Havana World Music Festival

“Location” “Location” and “Location” that’s exactly what Tryp Habana Libre has to offer culture enthusiasts, business travelers, honeymooners, families or any visitor eager to discover the capital of Cuba. And we are not referring merely to the benefit of staying in a four-star hotel near almost every place of interest in town but the fact that for some important events, it is also in the middle of the action.

That will be the case in the upcoming Havana World Music Festival, to take place from 22nd to 24th march 2018, which will have the hotel as one of its venues. From 17th to 24th March, the Tryp Habana Libre will work as an information and accreditation center, as well as a place to buy tickets for the concerts, which will include performances from artists such as Orishas, Marinah, ex member of the Catalan band “Ojos de Brujo”, African duet Gato Preto, British Chicken Brothers, Australian Lolo Lovina, and project “Interactivo”.

“The Havana World Music Festival (HWM) is a great musical and cultural fiesta which underlines the richness and power of cultural diversity and reflects an image of a creative, open-minded and modern Cuba, far away from usual clichés”, can be read in its official website. “We believe in diversity as a source of inspiration. And in music as a drive force of progress”.

Bar Siboney, Tryp Habana Libre

Most of the activities in the hotel related to the festival will occur at Lobby Bar Siboney, habitat of the project Adán y Eva, a cultural initiative where music mingles with mixology. On the days 19th, 20th and 21st, the workshops part of the project First Base will be held here, open to the public. This will be a fantastic opportunity to enjoy of young Cuban talent while sipping the best cocktails in the city. The photo exhibition, “5 years of Havana World Music-Black Tears” will be also available for everyone to witness on the walls of the site.

Our invitation is made. Why in the world when the world is in Havana?