VI International Nature Photography Contest: admiring the Green Cuba

VI International Nature Photography Contest: admiring the Green Cuba

There are many spots in Cuba where man is dazzled by the greatness of Nature. One of those places is located in the heights of Trinidad:  the protected natural landscape Topes de Collantes. This exotic and yet so pure area at the top of the Escambray, waits for your camera. If you want to discover the natural beauty of the island, the spectacular mountain scenery, the vegetation and wildness of this space, the Nature Photography Contest will allow you to experience magical sensations that will make of Cuba even a more charming place.

Aslam Ibrahim 2016 Winner Photograph

For the 6th time this coming September, the Tourism Group Gaviota, S.A. invites professional photographers, journalists or just nature lovers to participate in the Nature Photography Contest, which will take place precisely in the heart of the Guamuhaya mountains and 20 kilometers away from Trinidad, another World Heritage Site, from September 11th to 16th 2017.

Topes de Collantes Natural Park covers a rugged surface of more than 20 thousand hectares of the provinces of Villa Clara, Cienfuegos and Sancti Spíritus, with elevations ranging between 250 and 900 meters above sea level. This protected area stands out for the richness and exclusivity of its biodiversity: attractive landscape made up of lush forests, multiple rivers and streams with capricious waterfalls and natural pools of crystalline waters, able to please and leave breathless even the most demanding Eco-tourist.

Yoel de la Paz 2016 Winner Photograph

The lenses of  natural world lovers are invited to capture the details of the magnificent landscapes of the environment that surrounds them in this  exceptional natural scenery. They can contest in four categories: Landscape; Flora and Fauna; Man and Nature and Macro pictures. The images will be taken on trails, chosen by drawing among the participants: La Batata, Hacienda Codina, Caburní, Vegas Grandes, el Nicho, Camino de la Barbera, Guanayara, El Cubano, Mi Retiro, Nengoa Cave and a night tour of walking trails dedicated to amphibians.

2016 Winner Photograph

Unexpected and unforgettable sensations will captivate your soul. Paths of Mariposa flowers, maze-shape valleys between mountains and rivers, roads with curves that challenge the balance of the bravests, numerous hills that bring you closer to heaven, cave systems with natural pools of curative properties and even the taste of food and wild fruits reminds you of the closeness to the natural state of nature in an unbelievable climate between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius.  Dare to fall in love where nature itself falls in love and you may aspire to a bit of its greatness while capturing the moments with your camera. The call is open!