Let’s fall in love #TheCubanWay

Let’s fall in love #TheCubanWay

Celebrating love is always the best of goals and when it comes to Cubans, there is no better motto. I have been out there enough to say in Cuba it’s all about love. I can honestly affirm no other people around the world court like Cubans. Let’s say they have a particular way of falling in love and that way would be being in love – or wanting to- all the time.

Walking through Old Havana a Romantci encounter with history
Walking through Old Havana a romantic encounter with History

I think the weather, the country itself, cultural trends, the way they grow or maybe the humbleness Cubans are used to, have made them open minded, concerned about love and family, rarely shy and unique lovers.

One of the most curious things about Cubans is that they can actually fall in love under almost “any” circumstance. I’ve heard funny stories about buses lovers, falling in love while making the line, neighbors, and of course there are those couples that have been together since ever.

And it is understandable. Cuba has a proper environment for romance. Beautiful beaches, sunny all year round, music around every corner and beautiful places always waiting to witness the joy of two. I think of the emblematic Malecon, the dynamic and well-known park on G Street and more recently the gorgeous and reformed Bay, just to mention a few.

Malecón Promenade,     made for lovers
Malecón Promenade, made for lovers

On the other hand, lovely Cuban boleros have ornamented love for decades in the Caribbean island.  I was even younger than I am today and I got the chills every time I listen to Pancho Villa, Benny More, Rita Montaner, Matamoros or the one and only Beatriz Marquez. There is no Cuban man or woman whose soul has not been captivated by one of these lyrics.

Nowadays, musical interests have change a little bit, but what’s undeniable is that music remains an undetachable part of love and life in Cuba.

Enjoy dancing & music,     the Cuban way to love
To enjoy dancing & music, the Cuban way to love

Weddings are also very popular events, even when it comes to young couples. The majority of Cubans like big parties with much pomp and ceremony. A wedding in Cuba is a family thing, with no doubt. Currently, different types of weddings are taking place since young weddings/ events’ planning business are increasing fast, but I’m referring to the traditional wedding, the one with the bride in white dress and the groom waiting for her.

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Cuba is a country where people love one another, with kind and polite men and with feisty but romantic ladies raising good little boys, ‘’hombrecitos’’ like they said. Cubans know the value of a flower, or a whole set of them on a girl’s head, people with history, always willing to receive love and give back, to find ‘’the one’’, a match for a lifetime.

The best trip, like the best love affairs never really end.  I invite you to fall in love with Cuba. You will find the real feeling, the craziest and purest of them all… You will always find a good reason to smile. So let’s celebrate love at the Cuban way!