Sol Rio de Luna y Mares welcomes #CIRCUBA2017

Sol Rio de Luna y Mares welcomes #CIRCUBA2017

Summer is already with us and so the circus! And who does not like the circus? This time, the 16th edition of the international festival CIRCUBA 2017 is running from June 25th to July the 2nd in Havana  and afterwards,  as a part of its national tour, the artists of the show willl be performing at Sol Rio de Luna y Mares on August 1st.

The circus tradition, as old as civilization itself,  has arrived in our days as a mixture of different techniques like theater,  music, gymnastics, acrobatics and most of all I would say magic. Who has not dreamed about being one of those artists on the stage?

Special Act “Capillary force”

Sixteen countries will attend  the Festival CIRCUBA 2017. The event is among the top ten events of its type in the world. In this occasion Mexico is to be the most represented country, but different acts from  Argentina, Chile, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, Spain  and Cuba will captivate the audiences countrywide.

The presentation of the 1st of August at Sol Rio de Luna y Mares will be emplaced in the most beautiful scenario – and may the double meaning prevail-  surrounded by Playa Esmeralda and the fabulous vegetation of the zone. The show willl be part of an excellent event and a highlight of the performing is , for example, the act of Sixto and Lucia, a well known duet famous for their many dress changes in no more than five minutes.

Sixto y Lucia Duet

Culture, tradition, passion and the most spectacular acrobatics are to be experienced in CIRCUBA 2017, when the magic of the circus will for sure have all of us falling in love with the show.  If you want to be part of this great festival and enjoy the Cuban way, this is your chance. We will be waiting for you!