Newlywed euphoria and lust for adventure requires nothing but central and eastern CUBA!

Newlywed euphoria and lust for adventure requires nothing but central and eastern CUBA!

Tropical feel at its best!

Cuba is a marvel where modern creativities coexist with its resilient past creating a captivating melange stamped in iconic images such as its rolling car classics.

Its people are among the friendliest all over and are permanently delighted to talk, have fun and make foreigners feel at home.

In the island, love is always in the air. Its open spaces, heritage cities, beaches and culture make perfect spots for romance where newlyweds will celebrate passion at its best.

Attention honeymooners here are 5 incredible places in centre and eastern Cuba you definitely need to visit:


The Cuban school of ballet is internationally renowned and has harvested glory in more than one occasion. That coupled with the magnificence of the Principal Theatre is the perfect recipe for utter leisure for the both of you.

Teatro Principal, seat of Ballet of Camagüey

Indulge in a night out doing something rather different to nightclubs and cabarets, put on your fancy garments and visit the official headquarters of the Camaguey Ballet Company.


Want to experiment French ambiance in a tropical country? Head to Cienfuegos! A city where you can still breathe the presence of its ancient French settlers.

Strolling down the splendid Prado Avenue heading south you will find yourself with a sofa of massive proportions! The at first unfinished Cienfuegos Malecon (seawall) overlooking the gorgeous bay of Cienfuegos. Perfect atmosphere for breath-taking moments alongside your significant other. Sit on it, contemplate, walk alongside it, do whatever you want, I can assure you, there is no way escaping romance here! It worked for me.

Paseo de Prado

While in Camaguey, Cuba’s third largest city which is also one the most refined why not pay a visit to the studio of an international living legend, Martha Jimenez´s. This is a must in a city that bears her hallmark, you´ll witness her astonishing work in which she has a particular way of capturing and embodying Cuban idiosyncrasy.


Situated in Santiago de Cuba, a 500 year old city where Cuba meets its Caribbean roots housing one of the oldest buildings in the country, revelry collides with the wide open arms of its city dwellers.

Picture this, you both in Cespedes Park at night, Santiago’s ground zero, its beating heart,  surrounded by astounding architecture, the eventual 1950’s two door Cadillac convertible and the random couple moving their hips to the beat of salsa, what else could you wish for? Perfect time and place to romantically sit or promenade, after all Latino lovers have been doing it for centuries here.


Declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997 also known as “El Morro de Santiago” at the entrance of the bay of Santiago de Cuba with welcoming reverence salutes its numerous visitors. With absolutely no surprise it will find you hopelessly gazing at the sublime view.

Fortress San Pedro de la Roca

Its construction dates back to the 16th century rooted in the necessity of defending the city from the attacks of pirates and corsairs. In it you’ll be thrown back into a voyage of discovery and excitement! By the way the lighthouse is unmissable.