#MeliaCuba ’s environmental compromise is recognized in 2018

#MeliaCuba ’s environmental compromise is recognized in 2018

This year, eleven facilities managed by Meliá Hotels International in Cuba have received various awards handed out by the  Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in the island (CITMA ). These grants consist of different categories and are a reflection of Meliá Cuba’s commitment to the preservation of the environment.

In order to aspire recipients must have had relevant results regarding the prevention, solution or mitigation of environmental problems and in that light the competing environmental actions from different aspirants are evaluated with respect to the use and management of natural resources, the development of productive processes and the production of goods and services which should positively impact the sustainable development of Cuba.


Among the most outstanding we should highlight hotel Sol Palmeras, receiving a total of five awards: Environmental Endorsement, Collaborative Hotel in Adopt a Tree and Save a Dune Recognition, Hotel Free of Invasive Plants Recognition, Hotel of Protection and Conservation of Wild Avocado Recognition and Environmental Beach.

In order to receive the latter the hotel must fulfill a group of norms and requirements regarding the care and protection of the coastal area. Particularly in this case it relates to the hotel’s compromise and positive acting in favor of beach areas which translates into higher value for those seeking authentic beach experiences that are respectful of the environment as well.

The main prerequisite of this award is the compliance with the physical, chemical and bacteriological standards of the water. Others include the appropriate management of residual waste for which garbage bins must be well located in the beach and the zone must be correctly ordered. They also take into account the adequate placing of deck chairs, good hygiene, proper vegetation and the preservation of beach dunes.

Meliá Buenavista

Other Meliá hotels were also rewarded, in the cases of Meliá Cayo Coco and Sol Cayo Coco hotels they both obtained the Environmental Beach award and the latter also received the one for Environmental Endorsement.

The tree segments of Playa Las Coloradas beaches in Cayo Coco in Ciego de Ávila province benefited with the shedding of sand directed towards the mitigation of the effects of erosion and the enlargement of the beach in order to offer a higher quality of beaches.

Other hotels receiving the Environmental Endorsement award include the Meliá Península Varadero, the Paradisus Princesa del Mar, the Meliá Habana, the Meliá Cayo Santa María and the Meliá Buenavista hotels.

Meliá Cohiba hotel was awarded the Certificate of Responsible Management of the Environmental Conduct. Sol Río de Luna y Mares hotel received the Provincial Environment Prize and the Meliá Santiago de Cuba hotel received the Recognition for the outstanding work in complying with the active environmental legislation.