This summer Sol Palmeras has Argentina’s style

This summer Sol Palmeras has Argentina’s style

The mixture of the Cuban and Argentinian cultures will be the perfect excuse to travel Varadero this summer in order to celebrate this year once again a week devoted to the country of Tango and Milonga. The flavor of Argentina will be present in Meliá Cuba from June 19th to 24th in Sol Palmeras resort, where a group of very attractive activities will harmonize the event. As always, we are given the opportunity to enjoy with Melia Hotels International.


From day one, celebrations are to be part of the schedule, with the Caribbean Show to feel Cuba and its rhythm. Music, sax, trumpet solos and as much as levitation performances will also take place to begin the experience. For those who like cooking, the rush of a good competition and team work is going to be a Pastry and Empanada Pastry folding competition with award ceremony. A Football tournament on the beach, and a Domino Competition on June 22nd as a part of the Cuban Day are also included in the program, which comprises many more typical games!

Tumbata, Cuban Rum , percussion lessons and cocktails demonstrations are few of the Cuban features which will be combined  with Argentinian style. This event is all about celebration and partying, Retro and Latin American along with the always funny Foam Party will live up the nights. There are, however, more relaxed activities like Yoga in the pool, ecological walks and time to enjoy and treasure the beautiful sunsets at the beach.

Sol Palmeras

Besides the wonderful relationship between the two countries, Cuba and Argentina have many similarities and the undeniable common leader named “Che” Guevara.

This is a special occasion for both lands. All the joy and good vibes are going to be celebrated in a week full of entertainment and healthy activities.

Sign up for the Argentinian week and be part of the event’s highlights! Meliá Cuba waits for you. It’s a date! A date of tango and conga.